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NateSmith 01-26-2004 06:59 PM

Some Christmas island flies
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These all worked well on Christmas island for bones

striblue 01-26-2004 10:23 PM some point ,if you have the time... can you post the materials and directions... these would then be transfered into our future fly archive section that is being worked on...

rosskess 02-09-2004 11:26 AM

X-mas island flies
I have always been under the impression that the larger bones on X-mas island are found in deeper water (~4'). Thus, flies with more weight than simple bead chain would be called for. In the picture of the flies (by the way, nice ties!) all flies used bead chain. I use 5/32 and micro-mini's (don't know the weight) on a % of my bonefish flies for deeper water situations. I know the topic title was "some" x-mas island flies, not "all," so, do you also carry an assortment of heavier flies as well when you make the leap to x-mas Is? I have wanted to fish x-mas Is. for a while and when the opportunity arises I'd like as much ammo as I can get my hands on to maximize the trip.

striblue 02-09-2004 11:42 AM

In Dick Brown's book it's sort of a mixed bag when it comes to Christmas Island flies. Two of them specifically refering to Christmas Island in their name have a bead chain with heavy epoxy over it and the other is a lead eye.... see the archives here in where I posted about 130 of brown's flies from his book. Christmas Island Special and Christmas Island Flash Charlie. There are othe Xmas Isalnd flies in the bunch as well.

MarshRunner 02-10-2004 01:03 PM


I can't think of a destination where I don't carry some heavier, faster sink flies for shoulders, bowls, and channels. But because of my personal preference to primarily fish skinny (under 2 ft) water, I'd say 50 to 60 percent are bead chain (3 sizes), with 20-25 percent unweighted tailing flies and 20-25% heavier lead- or lead substitute-weighted patterns.

rosskess 02-10-2004 03:02 PM

That sounds about right Marshrunner. I also keep a store of #2 tan marabou clousers (up to 3.5") and a variety of Brewers amber shrimp with 5/32 eyes in gold, silver, and red and black. I mix up the brewers by using different colors of ostrich herl palmered around the shank. I pretty much stick to primary bottom (tan brown grey) colors with that.

Last year a guy I fished with swore by a BRIGHT red and orange charlie with grizzly hackle throat. Anyone have any thought on that. I didn't try one and also didn't see a fish caught on one.

NateSmith 02-10-2004 03:19 PM

I agree with everything said. In all I used lead eyes about 70% of the time but some situations called for bead chain., like paris flat and orvis flat where the water is 1-2 feet deep. If I where to do it again I would tie all my flies in either yellow, orange, pink or white. with bead-chain or lead eyes and that is it. from 8-4

But after the first two days all I wanted to do was go after juvie blue trevalle with number 4 bone fish flies on the pancake flats. It was a blast. Also carry some small minnow patterns and some steel leader, the black tip sharks from 3-8 lbs cruise all the edges and are a tone of fun, fight harder then a bone actually.

As far as big bones forget it. All I could manage were those in the 6-8lbs range. There are just so many you will see some 10lbs but they are almost always in school and the 2lbs'er always seem to take your fly first. The best place to target singles and doubles on the bigger side where on Orvis flat.

Adrian 02-10-2004 03:45 PM

Not sure about an all hot-orange charlie but we used a variation on the gotcha theme with a fluro red head which worked great. Works great in the Bahamas too. (See swap report 2 in the archive).

My most interesting experience with color so far was having four bonesfish simultaneously trying to 'eat' the hot orange thread wipping at the end of my floating flyline - the look on the guides face was to die for!

The day we fished the Korean wreck (a must do trip at CXI) we were fishing BIG crabs and clousers (3 - 4 inches!) in the surf. Its amazing what a bonefish will eat when its in the mood!

Speynut 04-01-2004 09:19 PM

Some Christmas Island flies
They look fine but they're too heavily dressed. If Moana was guiding he would take his toe nail nippers to them and cut them way back before allowing you to cast them. Most of the better guides there assert that the key to the greatest success at Christmas Island is a very sparse tie. John

2tancaddis 01-10-2005 10:05 AM

Christmas Island flies
I use the rule of six when tying Christmas Island Specials.
Six strands of orange krystal flash for the tail, tied in and wrapped forward.
Six strands of krystal flash for the wing.
Six strands of tan calf tail.

Hope it doesn't spook ya! This was based on Moana's recommendation.


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