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CDG 01-04-2004 02:46 PM

2nd attempt
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Ok, here we go. This is my second attempt. Again i'm looking for some constructive criticism, any and all comments will be taken as such. I apologize for the recent controversies brought on by my first post, that wasn't my intention. If you so desire, please respond to me in private. PM me or my email address is


thebuddler 01-04-2004 04:24 PM

Nice job, I like combos of blue and green. I think that fly has nice overall proportions. does it have a name? Catch a fish on it , and then name it accordingly;)

Philster 01-04-2004 05:10 PM

You clearly like creating your own patterns which is awesome. I would love to hear what you are trying to achieve and what inspired you along with the pic. For instance, were you trying to lay the married wing over the under wing, or did you intend to create the higher wing for more profile and a broader color palette for the fish?

I'm still practising on solid color goose shoulder feathers. I'm not willing to spend the time to marry the fibers then have my lame mounting skills turn the wing into a paintbrush :D

flytyer 01-04-2004 05:34 PM


First, this is a nice fly with good proprotions.

The only things I would do differently are: 1) use the next size larger oval tinsel for the body segment ribbings and only make 3 turns of ribbing on each; and 2) lower the main wing or make it about 4 stripes (2 more blue and 2 more black) wider, this would provide a better wing sillouette and allow the kingfisher cheek to sit more on the side of the wing.

Ronn Lucas 01-04-2004 06:33 PM

Another good one!
Hey Cody, you will be tying circles around the masters in no time! You have a nice streak of creativity that is coming out in your flies.

Happy Trails!

TBC 01-04-2004 08:12 PM

The speed at which you are progressing is astonishing.

I like the low under wing being separate from the main wing. It brings additional profile to the body in an interesting way. I would keep it a separate and distinct element, related more to the body than the main wing. I would not be too quick about increasing the main wing size, maybe mess around with its position a little. I would not change the tinsel size but would probably reduce it to three turns. I might reduce the amount of wraps on the herl a turn or two and look for herl with slightly shorter fibers to make it more compact. These are not meant as criticism, constructive or otherwise, but are what my eye tells me that I might try if I were developing this pattern. Regarding the cheek. It looks like dyed Amherst or GP tippet. Is that what it is and did you dye it yourself. Also is the cheek actually a cheek on the side or is it laid on top of everything else on the top of the fly?

It is a unique opportunity to be able to watch a creative tier develop both a pattern and his own skills right here. Those of us who value the creative process are certainly appreciative of your posts.


fishNphysician 01-05-2004 04:27 AM

BEAUTIFUL.... that about says it all for me!

Igor 01-05-2004 08:00 AM

Nice Job!

That's a lovely piece o' work - even more so because it's an original pattern. It's well-tied, nicely balanced, shows a keen eye for detail, color and material selection.


BTW - About the comments you'll recieve? David St. Hubbins once said, "...there's a fine line between clever and stupid."

MCorder 01-05-2004 11:45 AM

:) Great looking fly, cool colors!

speydoc 01-05-2004 09:39 PM

beatiful fly! Is the front hackle peacock? What hook - HW Alec Jackson? Just curios

CDG 01-05-2004 10:38 PM

Yep, the front hackle is peacock and the hook is a standard wire AJ


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