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sean 12-04-2003 08:57 PM

Any happen to know
What the winding check size on a RPLXI 790 is? I cannot find my tape measure....


John Desjardins 12-04-2003 09:33 PM

As a quick guess ~ 0.020 - 0.050" smaller than the butt od in the rod specs should get you in the ballpark.

You could wrap a thread around the rod a couple of times and then mark the thread at one location. Unwrap the thread, and measure the length. To get the diameter divide the length by (pi * # of turns).

If you need better accuracy spring for a micrometer or calipers.

tonyd 12-05-2003 04:30 AM


Originally posted by John Desjardins

To get the diameter divide the length by (pi * # of turns).

Hi John,could you explain what " pi* " is?

You kind of lost me on this.LOL.

To get the diameter divide the length by ?


BobK 12-05-2003 07:35 AM

Just in case....
In case John doesn't check his post, the mathematical value of the Greek letter "pi" is 3.1416

(Don't they teach this in 3rd grade anymore???)


John Desjardins 12-05-2003 08:21 AM

Thanks Bob, Geometry is still taught , but I think its at the high school level. Teaching the use of the slide rule is whats gone the way of the dodo bird. I sure don't remember how to use it.

tonyd 12-06-2003 03:03 AM

Thanks Bob.

That's what I thought John meant but the "*" after "pi" kind of made me second guess.

I wanted to make sure it wasn't "pi squared" or something ;)

SDHflyfisher 12-06-2003 09:16 AM

they still teach pi in grade school
and depending how smart you are in math they also teach geometry to sophmores in high school and smart freshman

BobK 12-06-2003 10:23 AM about backsliding education...
Now they teach that in High School? It's part of Geometry? Not in grade school anymore? Yeah, I guess school isn't what it used to be. :rolleyes:

Boy, I guess I'm showing my age!:hehe:


SDHflyfisher 12-06-2003 11:56 AM

you missed the first part of my post they still teach it in grade school all they taught to do with it though was to find the circumference of a circle

they use it more in high school though

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