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FishHawk 10-23-2003 05:17 AM

What has worked for you whilie fishing a blitz?
I have come across a few blitzs where the fish are so keyed in on the bait that what ever you throw at them they won't take. Other times it like taking candy from a baby. So what has been your most successful tactic?

Lefty 10-23-2003 08:27 AM

Getting out to the edge. Dropping the fly deep too.

mikez 10-23-2003 09:29 AM

That's kind of a trick question in that the most successful tactics I've used have been when the fish were hitting like kids in the candy store.;)

For those tougher times, well, I still haven't hita single tatic which I could bet money on. Some that have worked at least some times;
Go to the surface. Not necessarily a popper, a slider or crease fly can be better. There is something in a surface fleeing bait fish which acts as a trigger to bass and blues.
Fish outside the bulk of the blitz. Often there are fish cruising the outskirts picking off strays left behind by the main body. These may be less picky.
Try a faster retrieve. Again, that fleeing baitfish action can be a trigger.
Try a dead drift. Some fish may specialize in hitting sinkers, especially when frenzied bluefish are chopping large bait in half and pieces are sinking.
One thing often suggested that has rarely worked for me is going to larger baits. Don't know why, just never panned out.

I think the worse case scenario is when bait is so densley packed that fish are swallowing large mouthfuls with each pass. There's just no way to tempt them with a single fly. When I was younger, it used to frustrate me to the point of taking the fun out. Now, I just reel in my fly and stand and watch the show.:D

BigDave 10-23-2003 09:39 AM

My 3:

Working the edges.

Crease fly on a heavy sinking line dead drifted along the bottom.

Something big, gaudy and chartreuse.

striblue 10-23-2003 12:50 PM

Along the beaches the action is very fast..usually... if they are moving I will cast anywhere I can!....near them... in them... along the edges...wherever.... if they linger, I have the time to place casts along the edges...but I would not hesitate to throw it right around or in the action... since it is not always THAT easy to find the edges of a moving blitz.... I have caught them everywhere in a that's my experience.

Adrian 10-23-2003 03:18 PM

All of the above but I can relate to Mikez's observation on surface presentation.

A couple of years back we were in Buzzards Bay and the stripers had the bait trapped up against the Mass Maritime ships hull - total pandemonium - screaming gulls, screeming anglers you name it.

The boat was setup where I had prime position (for a chnage ;D)and was able to put the fly just about anywhere I wanted. My partner was hampered by wind on the "wrong" side of the boat so all he could do was "stroke" his deciever pattern on the surface a rod's length out.

The results:

2 for him to every one I hooked with mine averaging in the low 20s - his averaging 30+ inches - all from the same school. He finished up with about two dozen, I finished up with a dozen and a generous helping of egg.

kennebecfly 10-23-2003 05:00 PM

A couple of times this spring I had stripers pushing small bait right around my boots and bumping into my feet, even in all that heavy feeding I was haveing little succsess hooking up. Turns out they were so keyed in on the small silversides that I had to take my nippers to my smallest deciver that solved the problem, and now I try to carry some smaller patterns

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