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GregD 10-06-2003 12:48 PM

Moonlit Fishin in RI Surf
I know there are a few members beside myself that fish moonlit nights, particularly when I can't get out in the day or otherwise.

I am planning on going out and fishing around Matunuck Rhode Island Monday, Wednesday and friday nights starting around 10pm. Could be in the surf or the breachways If I can't find fish there. If you interested in joining me just let me know perhaps we can meet up to fish.

Tight Lines,

2HandTheSalt 10-06-2003 02:33 PM

Greg, do you hook many fish when the moon is this bright?

If so, please tell us how?


Jay Horton

juro 10-06-2003 03:25 PM

I've done well on moonlit nights around Stage Inlet where I could see the dark profiles of fish against the sand. Best fly patterns were (a) black velvet eel fished on the sand tied with strands of flash coming out from behind the eyes (b) black slim jim style flies fished on top mostly schoolies, silver stripe and eyes mattered and (c) black bigeye baitfish tied with reflective cheeks, big eyes and olive pearl flashabou. All Page Rogers patterns when I was in my "Page Rogers rules" phase. All were very effective on moonlit nights on Nantucket Sound shorelines in spring and fall especially at slack high from Stage to Herring River to Bass River and sometimes Parker River. Since our cottage is a short drive from these spots I would tend to hit these most. There were some non-descript spots where at high tide the fish would sit and rest and letting a black velvet eel sink into these holes would result in sure takes. One used to be just to the west of the mouth of the Herring River off the west jetty, it's filled in since. Along the shoreline if you know where the larger striations in the sand lead to shore and come together into a basin the fish will run these on the incoming on any night, moonlit or otherwise. I scout these during the day and fished them at night.

There was a night on Herring River that a large group of squeteague set up in the dropping tide currrent eating small bait, they would not take anything I put in their face but before I left I hit them with the big magnum flashlight and saw that they were weaks. It was a very moonlit night.

Another night at Bass River the cops shut the gate after a megaphone annoucement so I slept in the truck and the bass were keeping me awake busting in the flat just to the south of Stage Island's east channel. I was sated from a night of fantastic fishing so pulled the sleeping bag over my head and tried to ignore them while I slept. Bass River on the outgoing at the end of either jetty with large bigeye baitfish patterns has produced for me as well during latter half of September and October.

Since becoming completely addicted to sight fishing I haven't fished at night for years, but I would assume much of these observations haven't changed.

I am on a quest to land a very large bass on the new beach rods to test their limits and if I must I will go nocturnal, but I hope I can do it in daylight.

Good luck Greg.

JimW 10-06-2003 03:55 PM

Wish I could. I hope to make it down the Rhody this weekend depending on family plans, don't know if I can pull off an overnight.

Best of luck and,
Beware the fluke blitz.

GregD 10-07-2003 04:39 PM

Hi Guys,

I thought I might talk some of you at least Mike Z into joining me one night out. I hear you about doing all nighter tend to wipe you out for the next day.

Idecided looking at the forcast it would be about 10 degrees warmer tonight and the wind would be perfect for where I want to fish so I am going tonight.

Jay - I have hooked alot of fish on some moonlit nights and nothing much on others. As far as how I do it, I basically go to where I think bait will likely be and look for activity fish alittle in the likely spots. The best nights are when there is plenty of activity, when all is quite and no bait around I usually move on. I like to set up a lantern if nothing is happening and I want to try a spot. I can usually attract a large bunch of bait fish and have had schools move in and start a blitz

I don't have anything special tied up yet for night. I use mostly the same flies as during the day, like dark and light half/ half clousers (white/brown, white/olive, white/black)I seem to use alot of the time.. I think the most important thing is getting the fly in front of them at the depth they are feeding, then worry about what fly to try next if there are no takers.

Tight Lines,

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