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Striper 09-23-2003 11:54 AM

Well by now I am sure the word is out so I will dispense with the vagueness and just say Montauk is on FIRE! Got word from a friend who fished Sunday that the Albies finally showed and there were alot of them. So of course I made hasty plans to beat it to Montauk on Monday morning. We got out there about sunrise and second cast had a bass. Did this for the first hour or so, the bass were in close to the light and you just had to cast and let it sink. BAM! Then as it got lighter the Albies joined breakfast and it was real good. I don't know where they have been all Sept. but who cares they are here now. At one point there was an area several acres big that was all busting Albies and the funny thing was they stayed up for over 30+ min. Yes that's right 30+ minutes. You could hear guy's hooting and hollering all over the place it was the best Albie blitzing I have ever seen. Bay Anchovies were the menu item and the Albies were puking them all over the boat. Managed 14 between two of us and should really have had more but they were at times picky and uncooperative. The boats were also a problem as usual this time of year. Mostly a civil group and tempers never flaired. It should just get better from here on out, we also saw fish around most of the usual CT. spots that hold them.

Mike M.

Dble Haul 09-23-2003 11:57 AM

Mike, that's a great report and good news. What were you using for flies? Your standard olive clouser?

Striper 09-23-2003 12:24 PM

They were on Anchovies and I tied up some in camel/white and Olive /white the night before. Itook them on both, small size 2 hooks. My buddy Kevin took them on Small Crease flies he has been tying on size 2's, he calls them mini-creases. Man was there alot of fish out there, can't say I have seen that many Albies in one spot at once ever. But they were picky at times and I think there were many reasons for that. Nothing new. Start new job tomorrow so won't be out until weekend, back to being a real person again and looking forward to it. I have fished an awful lot the last year and a half and it has been fun but it is time to get back to business sure would love to win the lottery though than I could do it all the time without guilt or worry:D .

Mike M.

BigDave 09-23-2003 12:30 PM

Awesome report as usual Mike!

Striper 09-23-2003 12:33 PM

I sent you an email reply to your email of a day ago.

Mike M.

GregD 09-23-2003 01:02 PM

Hi Mike,

Congratulations on another successful outing. Appreciate hearing about the flies your using as well. I heard the backside of long Island was great with spanish macks, blues and stripers last week. Sounds like things may be delayed a couple weeks this year, But with the water temps dropping I wonder how far and how much longer they will be stick around.

Hope to see ya on the water soon.


mikez 09-23-2003 02:39 PM

I knew it! I've been holding out hope all along! I never believed it had anything to do with water temps. I believe the dirty water from the storms has been a big problem. This weekend Weekapoug looked like the Mississipi river - you couldn't see a foot into the water!

To put the tempeture issue into perspective, in the last six or seven years I have seen and caught albies right up to and past Halloween in southern Rhody. I've heard of them inside LI sound into November, and not just at powerplants.

As far as the current conditions are, well, I haven't measured the tempeture myself, but, I snorkled for over an hour on Sunday in Newport without a wetsuit. I did the same at Weekapoug the week before. And in both spots, tropical exotics [butterflyfish, the reason I was snorkling] were alive and active. In short, it aint too cold folks! And with all the bait around, if the albies do show, oh momma!

steelheadmike 09-23-2003 02:54 PM

The End
I'll be at the "End" on Friday... 4am Sharp. When the crowd gets thick Im heading to the Sluiceway...

Then again on Sunday, Then again 2 or three days before the 13th ( Guided trip on the 13th )

Then as often as the boss lets me take days off.

VIVA la Albies!

PS. Thanks for the info Mike and the Comet tip for getting the deck clean. Worked like a dream.

GregD 09-23-2003 03:37 PM


Originally posted by mikez
To put the tempeture issue into perspective, in the last six or seven years I have seen and caught albies right up to and past Halloween in southern Rhody. I've heard of them inside LI sound into November, and not just at powerplants.

Then Albie season in South County and beyond is in full swing! :D


Striper 09-23-2003 04:50 PM

For what it's worth the temps. were in the high 60's over there yesterday. Like 68+ I think they will be here for awhile now that they have finaly arived nothing to make them leave at this point. It should only get better as time goes on. Mike make sure you check out the Ruins and east side of Gardiners;) . Also if the Sluice is dead don't overlook the north shoreline of Plum especially the cove just to the west of the Sluice;) . They have been seen all over the east end of the sound and all of the usual spots should have them by this weekend if not already. Sometimes is fruitful to leave the maddening crowd and explore this is how I found alot of my best Albie holding water with no one else about.

Mike M.

steelheadmike 09-24-2003 08:45 AM

Thanks for the Tip Mike! I spoke to a RI & CT guide friend of mine yesterday. He gave me the same info. Advised against the Montauk run ... " too many damn inconsiderate people run'n and gun'n .... if you do go, bring your football pads, its a crazy scene "

I'll make the executive decision @ the dock come Friday though... I think its kinda fun out there with 30-50 boats all jockeying for position (he he he ), keeps ya on your toes. We shal see though, I have to keep a watchful eye on the weather before I make the haul. I would hate to get out there and have it kick up and have a hellish ride back, if I can even make it back.

Hey he mentioned "Nappy" is HOT too.... have you heard anything happening up in RI?

steelheadmike 09-24-2003 08:47 AM

Ooops ... I think GregD summed that last question up. Thanks a Mil!:devil:

Striper 09-24-2003 08:48 PM

My buddy fished today and said the sluice was the place to be. Montauk was deader than dead. He said he was into them in several places. My new job got postponed today so I am fishing tomorrow and Friday I think. I will let you know if I am going to be up there on Friday, BigDave may come along with me on Friday if the weather is cooperative. I hooked a couple of bones over in LI today in the afternoon, I took an impromptu ride across and found bones again.

Mike M.

steelheadmike 09-25-2003 08:37 AM

Thats a good deal.... New Job .. Postponed for more fishing time. Cant beat that witha stick. Call me later tonight . I should be launching out of the CT Friday am hopefully with my budd Roger ( if I can get a hold of his non cell phone having hiney).

Tied up a dozen " special flies " last night..... new fishy tattoo on my back.... ahhhhhh the smell of salt air and regurgitated bunker... cant wait!!!!

Striper 09-25-2003 10:14 AM

Will be out tomorrow at some point, not sure exactly the time but hopefully early, I am fishing with Big Dave from this site and I have to work this evening at 7:00 pm. Hopefully it won't take all night to complete or my fishing tomorrow will be in jeopardy:( . I am going to try and get Dave to meet me in Niantic instead of Barn Island as it puts us closer to the action. Try me on the cell when you are out and we can share reports conditions and capitolize better on the available fish.

Mike M.

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