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Quentin 09-13-2003 05:54 PM

9/13 -- Carp Stalker Scores!
With all this talk about carp fishing I just had to give it try despite the less-than-favorable sight fishing conditions. Because of the potential for cruddy weather I decided to leave the boat at home and wade the mucky banks of my favorite carp spot on the Housatonic River. I only fished for a few hours but managed to get four carp: two on an orange and purple "berry" fly and two on the Near Nuff Crawfish that I received in the fly swap. I had numerous refusals, but the fish that did hit literally pounced on the flies. Carp season is almost over in my neck of the woods, but I may have to give it another whirl next weekend -- especially if the weather deters me from heading to the coast!


TonyCarpBoy 09-17-2003 07:48 AM

Sounds like a good day of fishing.

I was having great luck for the past few weeks (one day I caught 8, and most of them were during work hours) but the recent rains have muddied up the water and I have gotten skunked for the past couple of days.

They are eating a bunch of caddis nymphs around here lately and respond well to such flies (a tip from I read yesterday)

Good luck


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