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juro 12-26-2000 05:30 PM

Xmas presents?
All right, it's time to take inventory of big boys toys...

one of the best doodads I got was a WACOM tablet / pen mouse thing. It comes with painter software and lets you draw on a computer almost like drawing with a pen or pencil (spray gun, pattern printer, etc).

The disavantages include - you never get the same feel as the real brush, pencil or other media; the advantage - if you screw it up just undo!

Here's a striper on the flats I drew with my new toy...

<center><font size="1">
Artwork Juro Mukai, all rights reserved</font><!--1--></center>

tomd 12-26-2000 09:42 PM

RE:Xmas presents?
looks like a fu toy! how long did it take you to draw the fish? Tom D

doug 12-27-2000 03:55 AM

RE:Xmas presents?
Way cool striper! Maybe you ought to design the logo for the "non-existant" Joppa Flats Fly Tyers Club????
As for big boys toys....nothing to "pound the chest about" from me...but still most appreciated...a couple of gift certificates to Kittery Trading Post and Eldridge Bros. Fly Shop.
Doug B.

FredA 12-27-2000 06:41 AM

RE:Xmas presents?
Looks like a fun toy. Kids are grown now so there was nothin for me to play with Christmas day. I did get a couple of gift certificates, one to the Bears Den and one to Fishing the Cape. I'm bringing my aunt down to Dennis today so I'll get to check out FTC. I recall Bigcat saying they carry Bucks Bag chest packs - probably check that out. From a thread on the other board it looks like there might be a run on angel hair so I think I'll stock up at the Bears Den and look at a new vise.

Fred A.

striblue 12-27-2000 08:32 AM

RE:Xmas presents?
$100 of fly tying material ,a catch bag which is attatched to the vice to keep the place clean, and a Material carry bag, a $1.00 gift certificate to D. donuts. Tied 6 Decievers last night. Juno, can you send any instuctions for tying Bunker flies with polar fiber and also near hair?. How do you attatch to the hook to get the flat pattern. I am not attempting to change this to a tying thread, just getting a couple of messages in one.Thanks. The big present is permission from my wife to pick up a Winston XTR 9 wt in early February.

tomd 12-27-2000 08:49 AM

RE:Xmas presents?
wow.... a Winston!!! you must be doing something right John! look at this site for info on tying with polarfibre Tom D

Lefty 12-27-2000 09:34 AM

RE:Xmas presents?
Got a $100 gift certificate to Blue Northern.....nice.
I also got a cool book of the grandest fish stories. Some of the stories are incredible, funny, or both. I'll read some to you guys around the fire as bedtime stories.


juro 12-27-2000 09:43 AM

RE:Xmas presents?
Doug - I'd be honored to do a design for the NEJFSC [img]" border="0" align="middle"> I'll be posting some of the ones I've been working on for this 'club' over the next couple days BTW.

Tom - it only took about 2 minutes to do the sand and the water, another 30 seconds to do the body of the fish and about an hour while I putzed around trying to get the fish's face right! <img src="" border="0" align="middle">

John - sounds like you are in fly-tying nirvana! Glad the scotch, cigars, and feathers on a smoky night at the Chatham Angler's club got you into rolling your own! I also have a tying package put aside for you when we hook up.

As far as the bunker, I have my thoughts but the pattern given on the web site Tom provided is a nice one; also the high-tie which I defer to Jared when he gets back from steelheading in Northern CA; and of course the Buffy. I usually tie my own variant of Page's bigeye baitfish (but with some pretty major differences). My herring / bunker pattern is in the archive. Our own Gregg estey has come up with a bunker "attractor" pattern you should definitely try out. Capt. Ray's angel hair (some call it the mushmouth) is another winner for bunker patrol. I also tie one about 10-12 inches long that Jay Horton called "chicken fly", using huge feathers for the flanks and built up top and bottom.

Fred - angel hairs been around since the early/mid 1990's, we used to use it for SW coho salmon flies out on the Washington coast. Brian (Doublespey) used it to enhance wing material in winter steelhead flies. If you can't find it, let me know and we'll have someone mail you the colors you are looking for where there isn't a bluelight special going on <img src="[/img]

Lefty 12-27-2000 10:06 AM

RE:Xmas presents?
Re: Bunker- Jared gave me one of his high ties on the Rhody trip. Nice fly. He's been very willing to share the pattern so maybe he will show us at the Sully thang (hint hint...)
I'm looking forward to learning it. Also I had much success this past fall with my own bunkers. I use an EZ-body spreader like those used in the big Yak herring styles al la Richard Murphy style. He inspired Jeff S. Buffys as well. The Ez-body holds up to being spashed against the jetty's etc. But I still want to learn Jared's because of it's use of more natural ingredients. Uh oh!.... Another thread turns into a Tying Thread...dohh. (seems a lot of them do these days).


striblue 12-27-2000 10:09 AM

RE:Xmas presents?
Juro and Tom, thanks for the help. I look forward to meeting up.

jared 12-27-2000 12:22 PM

RE:Xmas presents?
Terry --

Was planning on tying some of those bunker flies anyway as I'm down to 3 or 4, which will never last me the season...shall bring the "fixin's" to Sully's...not hard to tie (that I have managed to catch a few fish on it is proof of that).


grego 12-27-2000 12:41 PM

RE:Xmas presents?
I got several fishing or fishing related items. Got a Cortland clear-intermeadiate line from by bro. My dad got me a FF vest, so I wont look like a half-arsed fisherman, also some keel hooks (the ones with the offset shanks ala' Estey Bros. double sand-eels). Got a Dremel tool kit from wife, so I'm thinking about trying my hand at some Cedar Plugs (Any Advice out there?). Also some gift certificates that I plan to use on some Camp Gear. Finally, my inlaws got me the Vaccum bag sealer (that I always borrow from them!), so I see more steak tips in our future!

At Terry's request, I will post the tip recipe (you'll laugh when you see how simple), when I have a few spare moments. This will probably be about the same time I get the Arial Photos squared away!

jeffg 12-27-2000 01:42 PM

RE:Xmas presents?
A much needed pair of glacier gloves. may be a long time away, but March is right aound the corner!

isoh 12-27-2000 02:25 PM

RE:Xmas presents?
I got Tabory's <i>Guide to Saltwater Baitfish and their Imitations</i> as a stocking stuffer (small book). He offers a decent survey of "bread and butter" baits and a fair to middling fly recipe collection.

I think Tabory places too much emphasis on fly selection. My experience suggests presentation is more important. Despite this, there are some gems of information found here..... One small example: we tend to spend a lot of time studying how a fly looks from the side, but 80% of the time fish hit a fly from behind or just off the beam. Goes hand in hand with my theory that some flies are meant to get the attention of other fishermen, not fish ;)

Lefty 12-27-2000 02:30 PM

RE:Xmas presents?
And to add to Al's sentiment- we look at our flies <b>DRY</b> We should dunk them more and see how they hold up to scrutiny.


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