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juro 12-11-2000 04:59 PM

PayPal Details...
For those I emailed about PayPal... it seems they don't tell the whole story when they tempted me to refer people. The fine print reveals a lot more is necessary of the referred party. No donation is made until all of the following steps are taken:

<font size="1">
Refer PayPal to a new user and get $5 as soon as the user completes these steps:

(1) Signs up for PayPal
(2) Confirms their email address
(3) Confirms a bank account
(4) Adds $100 or more by electronic funds transfer into their PayPal account
(5) Signs up for a Money Market Fund

To Refer-A-Friend, just copy and paste your unique Referral Link and email it to a friend. Your friend must use this referral link in order for you to receive your $5 bonus.

This seems a little bit involved, so please don't think I expect people to do this unless it's something you are considering anyway to simplify payment and payment receipt from others in the FORUM (or eBay, etc).

Post any questions as replies if needed.


grego 12-12-2000 11:58 AM

RE:PayPal Details...

The first page of the signup has a bunch of "required" fields, one is home phone number. I have a unlisted home phone number & refuse to include it in any information. Anyways, after submitting the first page of information, it told me that I had not filled out a required field & would not let me proceed, so I bagged it. Guess it's snail-mail payments for me.

isoh 12-12-2000 12:48 PM

RE:PayPal Details...
<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Paypal's privacy statement</a><!--url-->

If you have a credit card, your information is for certain sold to marketing and direct sales firms (my card company requires a home phone number to reduce their risk). The blind belief that any and all disclosures on the Internet is a grave risk is simply unfounded.

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