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juro 12-08-2000 04:48 PM

Well Allright then!
The work week is winding down and I'll be time-sharing between holiday chores and site updates.

<b>Project #1</b> - Auction showcase. I don't want all of the generous gift offerings to get anything less than they deserve! Thanks for your patience!

<b>#2</b> - catch up on all the email... I found out that the emails I was sending from MS/IE were going into a dead ended outlook mailbox... for about 2 months now! I normally use netscape mail and free mail services from Lycos. When I am browsing MS/IE and decide to email, outlook pops up. All my replies and emails to people have been dumped into an "undeliverable mail" pile!

<b>#3</b> - Develop a basic program guide for 2001

<b>#4</b> - continue to work on the pages already started (St.Lawrence River (from Luis), Big Girl Bar, Calgary's Bow and Elk (Pete), Monomoy II, Living Large in BC, Salmon on the flats (Eric Bigler), etc, etc)

First and foremost for me this holiday season is my family, but I'm sure I'll be able to find time to get these things done.

Once again, if anyone is interested in learning web publishing...

<font size="1">A special thank you to MattB for volunteering his services. I'll send email tonight to discuss.</font><!--1-->

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