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juro 12-07-2000 11:06 AM

Auction / Raffle and Donation Page
I will be putting together the page as suggested by Nick and others over the weekend. Thanks for the generosity all!

I hope we can take up these great deals and build up the capital for member rewards, raffles for gear we couldn't hope to afford, faster development of website articles and claves that top even those incredible ones we've enjoyed so far!

One of our highest goals should be to become a meaningful contributor to our great sport, organizations that are dedicated and more importantly to become one ourselves. It's one thing to donate money to organizations that are dedicated to the cause, but it's yet another to make things happen ourselves.

It might mean using our community to lobby for good causes, like the folks on Bob Ball's site working toward catch and release for all wild steelhead in Washington State.

It might mean promoting awareness on catch and release techniques for striped bass on the atlantic coast, sorely needed.

It might mean volunteering a fishing weekend to the boy scouts, or handicapped children.

It might mean buying a threatened stretch of a priceless river, someday.

To do these things it takes time, money and people. We need flyfishermen from every walk of life - lawyers and marketers, engineers and media experts, wardens and biologists, artists and writers, people who know how to run tractors to build a spawning channel, people who can sell sponsorships.

I think we share the objective of growing a truly great flyfishing club on the internet. We will thrive on the crossroads of regional intensity and global unity on the web. It will do us all good to build a community like this, and keep the spirit that it was founded on alive no matter how it grows.

We are founded on:

a) Friendly, united community celebrating flyfishing and life to the fullest

b) Camaraderie toward fellow anglers and their famillies, without compromise

c) Stewardship of our resources

d) Promotion of enthusiasm in our sport in society

e) Pooling insights - particularly working together to create quantum leaps in our success and knowledge as anglers

e) Win-win relationships with our friends in the flyfishing business (charter captains, guides, flyshops, manufacturers)

f) An entity not based on financial profit, but with working capital to provide high rewards for participants

g) FUN!

I challenge everyone to keep the mission clear and work to build this community, a brick at a time, from the cornerstone we laid in 2000. No one said it's gonna be easy, but we already know it will be worth it!

striblue 12-07-2000 03:04 PM

RE:Auction / Raffle and Donation Page
Juro, loved that post.

FrenchCreek 12-07-2000 09:31 PM

RE:Auction / Raffle and Donation Page
Juro, In the practice of my profession, I need to know of organizations (any time there is more than one) and of the power of visionary leadership (you never assume that you cannnot do something until you have tried everything). Keep the flag of your vision pre-eminent and allow yourself to be amazed by the power of followership, even at the risk of finding out that some of the things tried can be improved(hindsight).
I often use your success with this site as a live example of what passion can accomplish over all of the rest of the theories that we all too often subscribe to blindly.
I am proud to do so and to be part of your site and the many friends I find here.

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