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RayStachelek 12-05-2000 05:14 PM

Charter Raffle of All Time
Must be Christmas. Everybody has been so generous lately. It's a credit to all our friends who support the Fly Fishing Forum. Siting here now, trying to make choices is a difficult one. I keep thinking about what's coming up next as far as trips or items. Nice to see so many friends will help defray the cost of running the Fly Fishing Forum.

I'm thinking out loud here. Like everyone else, I will try and do my share. I would like to through this idea around just for a moment.

Many of these gestures are high price items. There are many of us who have financial obligations with family and mortgages and perhaps won't have the chance to bid on these fine trips and items.

My idea,so here goes. Remember I'm thinking out loud. Nothing written in stone, rather written in the sand with a pencil no less.

After the holidays when things slow down a bit.

Proposal - A raffle, to give everyone an equal chance so that everyone has a change to enjoy the fruits, and the camaraderie of the board. Details will follow later if acceptable.


A half day charter trip in Rhode Island waters on the Cast a Fly.
Mentoring the trip will be no other than Juro, our saltwater guru. (that is if he accepts)
One dozen of Jen's tollhouse cookies, the hit of RhodyClave. (if she accepts)
A promise that Al D will be fifty miles away.

What's the verdict? Your response, impute or any other donations are excepted.


juro 12-05-2000 06:00 PM

RE:Charter Raffle of All Time
Yes, I like the raffle idea! I think it does give a fair shake for a lot of folks. I would gladly attend and I'll bring my digital camera, my underwater camera, maybe even my camcorder to record the event for the report - which I am sure will be eventful and exciting with you Capt.Ray!

Thank you all for the great support, I think it inspires all of us to make 2001 the best year ever!

isoh 12-05-2000 06:15 PM

RE:Charter Raffle of All Time
Man, this has the potential of being the biggest money earner yet. I know at least ten people who would pay $100 for a shot at keeping me 50 miles away from them

Bob Pink 12-05-2000 07:23 PM

RE:Charter Raffle of All Time
If you make it worth a buck a mile, this could be BIG, <font size="4"> Really BIG!! </font><!--4-->

JenH 12-06-2000 09:46 AM

Another great idea!

I'll gladly put some cookies on the block! (Glad you liked 'em)


RayStachelek 12-09-2000 04:48 PM

RE:Charter Raffle of All Time
As you know, Juro has approved the idea of a raffle. This will bring some of the more pricey items into range of every board member. All of the details haven't been worked out yet. More will be said later.

I'm sure in the spirit of generosity and camaraderie there are others out there who might want to consider a donation of some kind? Any donation, large or small will help. Don't let vanity get in the way or the size of the contribution. We all want to do our share.

To sweeten the pot and have other drawings, other donations like fish related books, tied flies, fly tying materials, gift certificate of any kind from restaurants, fast food places, doughnut shops, etc., would be accepted.

Magazine subscriptions, tickets to sporting events, concerts, etc., are always welcomed.
There's a gambit of items to numerous to mention that are useful to all that anybody can give.

Donations can be added to this page or given privately through e-mail. Happy Holiday


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