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smallmouth 08-11-2003 06:24 PM

Murphy's Law
Fellow Flyfishers,

Here's some timely advice from an unhappy camper. I got a new digital camera this year and usually have it with me on all my fishing jaunts. Last week my brother and I were out on a local farm pond which contains some lunker bass. I had my camera at the ready and was rowing and guiding my brother as he presented his offerings to the fish. We were on the pond in prime time at dusk. Nothing of significance was caught.

The next day I slept in, anticipating fishing late the next evening. After a leisurely lunch I prepared to take my kayak into the pond in search of an afternoon's sport. I took up my camera and then put it back down on the car seat thinking, "Nah, I'll only catch "dinks" at this time of the day." Well of course thanks to good ol' Murphy I caught the bass of a lifetime on my 5 wt. with a buoyant wooly bugger and 6 pound tippet. The fish was 24" long and had a depth of 8" and was surely well over 10 pounds in weight. The fish was strong enough to give me the "Nantucket Sleigh Ride".
Moral of the story: Always take your camera! (Murphy says so!)

Here's a picture of a fly I just tied hoping to attract one of those lunkers again.

dewey 08-12-2003 08:02 AM

Nice fish!
I would concentrate more on having caught the fish rather than the not having been able to snap a picture. That way, in memory, that 10 lber can morf into a 15!
good luck.

Dble Haul 08-12-2003 08:08 AM

Is this farm pond located in your neck of the woods (Ontario)? If so, the size of the bass you landed is even more profound.

Either way, great catch. Maybe you should consider something heavier than a five weight. ;)

smallmouth 08-14-2003 12:51 AM

Rod Weight
Dble Haul

I don't normally fish for big bass with a five weight but the pond has some big sunfish and I was actually looking to target them with a view to turning my kids onto catching fish on the fly rod.

I am aware that such a fish is top notch for this part of North America but the fish in this pond have been naturalized for about 25 years and the pond is full of frogs, turtles and sunfish. My daughter at 11 years old (2 years ago) actually caught a largemouth in this pond that was even bigger than my fly rod trophy. She caught her fish with an ultra-lite jig on a spinning rod. I remember asking her how she planned to follow up that catch as at 11 years old she had just caught a fish that many fishermen have been hoping for their whole fishing careers.

smallmouth 08-14-2003 01:14 AM

Here's One I Didn't Catch

These big fish follow me around a lot waiting for me to catch a smaller fish which they then attempt to shove down their big bucket mouths. The white thing in the picture is my swimfin (I was in my float-tube). That fin is about 2 feet long so it gives you an idea of the size of Mr. Largemouth (Mrs.?)

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