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juro 11-29-2000 11:14 PM

My favorite fund-raising idea
<center>The Flyfishing Chronicles
A new century of flyfishing

... or something like that. What am I talking about? Let me explain...

Although the notion of a writer's guild was fun, I think it would be awesome if we took it one step further and put together a yearbook of sorts - made up of our stories, advice, fly patterns, sketches, photos, etc. This book would be available for sale to raise funds to perpetuate and grow the notion of a true forum of flyfishing friends with the reach of the internet worldwide. Imagine if we can grow this coalition to represent enough ports of call so that no business traveling member would leave a travel rod at home? I loved hosting people like Pete from Calgary, Ken from Australia, Brian and Nate from Seattle, the Professor from Scotland, etc - and am indebted to Tyler, Brian and Bill for hosting me on the mighty Thompson. In less than a year we have had adventures like many mere mortals don't have in a lifetime, as I see it anyway. I'm sure many will agree. This book would be a great way to capture that magic and may be an instrument for keeping the dream alive.

This combined with other such programs would be aimed at the goals of (1) covering the site costs (2) funding raffles and prizes (3) funding more raffles and more prizes. If we achieve (1) GREAT! If we go past that BETTER!

It is not my intent to take profits from this forum and I am considering applying for non-profit .org status to keep it a thing "by the people, for the people" as a famous document once proclaimed. The trick is to get up to the point where we are raffling for an all-expense paid trip for two to Belize in February, or Kamchatka for wild Russian 20 pound steelhead, or the Gaspe, or...

We'll probably start out with something much simpler like a free ride to the Monomoy Rip... but hey, we gotta start somewhere and when the tide's right that's no small priviledge. Only ten people on Earth get to enjoy that on any given day.

But before I get too carried away let me just say that it would be such an honor to put our journal on my bookshelf each year, and every year after that. Someday when my arms fail me and my son, and perhaps his son look into these books they will see the legacy we created. The best part is that it is not big business telling fishermen what they're doing - it's fishermen engaging ourselves in the business of fishing the world. To get in the book - simply join and contribute.

Technologically speaking this sort of thing is getting easier each month. Structured data is already usable in both web, printed, even wireless format through parsing, style and formatting technologies maturing at break-neck speed. In other words, if done right it might not even be too hard.

One thing I do know though - we need to transition to a forum where each person does a little, when added together it equals a tremendous amount. Just look at any discussion board to see the potential of that. Such a journal embodies the notion of many giving a little to do a lot.

Any thoughts?

striblue 11-30-2000 09:49 AM

RE:My favorite fund-raising idea
Juro, the journal is an excellent idea! the information shared though this forum has educated me more in one year than in all the years I have fished. This information can be written up in a "yearbook" similar to what the New York Anglers Club does and has done for 50 years. The information shared is extarodinary as are all the opinions. To put this in one source for the Forum participants would be better than any other "why and how to" book anywhere. Not just the reports ,but the fly tying section ,etc. Count me in to help draft any portion you think... I am now preparing a Post on Cape Geology.. breif and mostly the contents of a paperback book I have.

tomd 12-01-2000 02:02 PM

RE:My favorite fund-raising idea
Juro, a journal sounds like a great idea. I'd love to have them on the shelf as well, for my kids. Maybe we could auction off a custom rod or 2. I hear there are some 2-handed sages around!!! ; ) Tom D

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