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bigcat988 11-24-2000 09:32 AM

The Season of Giving
With the Holiday Season upon us, I feel it is time to give back to those who have given so much to us.

Juro has given so much of himself to this board and all of us, both in time and monetarily, and has never asked for anything in return. I feel it is time to show my thanks for all he has done. I have forwarded him a check to help support this board, and in the spirit of giving, I hope others will do the same.

Happy Holidays
Bigcat & Mary

FredA 11-24-2000 01:19 PM

RE:The Season of Giving
Do we have an address?

Fred A

striblue 11-25-2000 09:46 AM

RE:The Season of Giving
John, I agree and I will do the same. If it were not for him and this board I would have never run across so many dedicated flyfishermen. I have summered in Chatham for many years and in only one summer have met more than in the last ten years. Including you John.

juro 11-25-2000 02:44 PM

RE:The Season of Giving
Thanks for the kind thoughts! I've been so consumed with consuming and have not been home much this turkey season... and when I am I am snoring on the sofa!

I truly appreciate the consideration and would like to suggest that we wait until the start of the year when I set up new programs for fund-raising to cover the costs for 2001. This year is almost over and as long as I survived my wife's inquisition I am cool; and I would hate to come asking for help again so soon with the new year right around the corner.

The plan for the Forum in 2001 is to cover the site costs using the power of the group to do fun prize raffles, fund raisers, etc. There will be no profit taking in 2001 from the Forum, all proceeds will go into prizes for more raffles, etc. I will also introduce a membership program where you can get the swanky FF hat, window sticker, etc - as well as access to some cool on-line services we are working on... for contributing members.

Of course everyone can surf for free at will, but there will be something extra for those who give back, and we'll also do the common fund-raising things like most grass-roots organizations do to help cover costs and make things more interesting.

If this all works out we'll be raffling off a $600 fly rod next year, providing more new line designs to field test for manufacturers, and raising the bar on the already hot conclave trend to new heights!

You're right, this is the season to give thanks - <b>I can't thank everyone enough</b> for making the Forum the coolest place to celebrate our sport on the entire web!

FrenchCreek 11-28-2000 10:28 PM

RE:The Season of Giving
Count this Canuck in! For contribution in kind and/or a raffle item.
I keep reading the various posts and look forward to my next vacation on the Cape and the surf and the Rip Trips and the fine scotch and learning more about tides and flats and rips and ....
Hope everyone has a great winter tying their favorite patterns. I have several very fine genuine 100% Alberta Bucktails and will gladly share with anyone in need. I also have a fine Bow River and Elk River as my home waters and other fine waters that hold trout and pike, also willing to share with anyone who wants a hook up with a big critter out this way. Maybe that could be a raffle item, a 3 day float trip in my driftboat?

Pete from Calgary

striblue 11-29-2000 09:25 PM

RE:The Season of Giving
Juro, I will wait as you suggest and let me know what potential legal matters the forum may want to be cosidering from an orgainizational point. Also, I want to place my order now for a hat, in fact I will order one of every color..I am really bad ...We should get input from the group for a design, etc.

Bob Pink 11-30-2000 08:04 PM

RE:The Season of Giving
This might be like trying to sell wine to the French but,

I'd be happy to donate a case of 40 flies for auction/raffle on(or off) the board
10ea Deep Sand Eels, Ray's, Peanut Bunker and Terminators in a fly case. I'll have them ready for delivery after Feb 1.

Thanks for everything,

isoh 12-01-2000 07:07 AM

RE:The Season of Giving
<b>Item for auction</b>: small to mid-size commercial or non-commercial web site.

<li>Up to 10 HTML/DHTML pages
<li>unlimited image and text placement
<li>registration with 5 major search engines
<li>development of a single custom built CGI driven web application of your choosing.

All proceeds go directly to FFF. Hosting fees and/or domain registration not included.

<b>Opening bid</b>: $300

juro 12-01-2000 05:12 PM

RE:The Season of Giving
It's been "the season of crazed projects" at work, and I haven't been able to partake on my usual routine of checking the board lately... but I'm glad I finally did!

<center><font size="4">WOW!</font><!--4--></center>

I can't thank you guys enough, and of course I will do my part as always. I've had also had some auction item ideas that I can contribute too, like an engraved and personalized Wheatley steelhead, salmon or trout flybox.

I'll put up a fund raising page over the weekend to list these generous offers... and please accept my deepest gratitude for helping me keep the momentum going.

The financials are just a formality, the real gold is our friendship and our conclaves - "priceless".

trutta 12-01-2000 07:11 PM

RE:The Season of Giving

I regret that I have not had much time to contribute lately, what with crazy work happenings and family commitments. But, I have truly enjoyed the Forum over the past year and I'm glad and even proud to be a participant in it with so many great people involved. I wish to thank Juro for his irrepressible enthusiasm and optimism and for coming up with this forum that truly represents what we are. I also want to thank everyone else who, with their posts, articles, etc. make us all vicarious (and happy) witnesses of their experiences. In the spirit of the season, I'm in for some trout related items. Don't know exactly what yet, but let's just say some flies and tying materials for now.

Take care


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