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desertdog 08-03-2003 03:35 AM

river anchoring
Was wondering what sort of anchoring system was preferred by fishermen using small to medium sized sleds in larger steelhead/salmon rivers. The boat has a center console, so I've been thinking a remote system of some kind would allow dropping the rock wherever/whenever the operator wants. I've watched a few boats drop through a pool off the initial anchor point, then power back up afterwards, and it seemed super efficient from a fishing point of view, though the power winch must have been very powerful/expensive. Any opinions on this kind of set-up or other, or product names/sources?
I don't mind low tech, but I'm trying to keep the decks as clear as possible for fly lines, dogs, and bare feet.

JDJones 08-04-2003 01:11 AM

Remote river anchors
I once fished with a guy in Oklahoma that had this neat anchor system rigged up on a bass boat that he had customized for Striper fly fishing in rivers. Anchor was dropped off the bow. Remote operated by two toggle switches mounted on the forward bulkhead of the bow casting deck. One for letting out anchor rope. The other for winding in anchor rope. He fished barefooted and operated them with his toes. With that and a bow mounted trolling motor, he could position the boat pretty much anywhere he wanted. Trolling motor was just the plain jane type. Without the fancy foot operated controls. This kept the casting deck clean for running line. (He used a shooting head system) It all worked very well for him.


kjackson 08-05-2003 05:38 PM

hmmmm... I've seen a number of anchoring systems in use, but not many are off the shelf. Don't know if that's because they're not readily available or what.

I would think a 12-volt winch such as four-wheel-drive rigs have on the front (Warn?) might be all right if the retrieve speed is quick enough.

I would look up Three Rivers Marine in Woodinville, Wash., and see if they have a system. They have a website,, I think it is. They do offer "river anchoring systems" for sleds, but I can't remember if they are motorized or not. Another option would be to contact Stevens Marine in Tigard, Oregon, or Willie Boats in Eagle Point. They might not have anything in stock but might be able to lead you to the place that would.

Good luck,


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