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deegan 07-29-2003 10:24 AM

what should I have in my box?
Let me start off by saying thanks to all who respond. Just sitting down at my bench and filling my nymph boxes and began to think about my need to break in my spey rod. So I thought I would ask the pros on this site, what are some flies that I should not hit my Michigan streams, in search of fall steel, without?
Tight lines and thanks in advanced.

ps Not looking for any secrets just some go to. If you would like you can email me at Or we could meet at a Grand Rapids area tavern:devil:

Tony Petrella 08-02-2003 08:15 AM

flies for steelhead
I've fished the Pere Marquette and lower Manistee for steelhead and salmon since 1977. I wouldn't go out for steelies without egg patterns in chartreuse, oregon cheese, and steelhead orange. Take Hex nymphs in #6, rhyacophilia caddis larva in #12, black stonefly nymphs in #10. Also some big, flashy streamers to irritate the dominant male (NOT the hen--don't ever hook her or all the fun's OVER!), or when he's being challenged by rival males.

Local patterns available at Ed's Sport Shop or the PM Lodge also include PM Wigglers, Steelhead Sparrow, Springs Wigglers and Crystal Wigglers.

When are you planning your trip, and where will you be fishing?

Tight Loops,

Marco_Polo 08-08-2003 12:02 AM

As a side note if you are into books Jim Bedford published a book called "Grand River" you might be interested to read up on some things goin on in GR's backyard. Maybe I'll take you up on that "ginger ale" offer if I see you on the river sometime:hehe:

deegan 08-08-2003 08:19 PM

sorry to have misled
I feel that I have misled you guys. The info I am looking for is any helpful hints on spey flies or streamers. I will be fishing with tnt's 14 foot 9 weight on the down and accross swing. Many appologies.

Tony Petrella 08-09-2003 06:45 AM

spey/streamer flies
Tie (or buy) big uglies in #2. I have a variety of color combinations, mostly involving marabou or a lot of webby hackle. Black/purple works very well at first light. Olive, yellow/white, purple/white, Chartreuse/green, orange/red. Include some "flash" material.

Obviously, these are attractor/irritant patterns. Tie weight into some if you need to get a little deeper. Are you going to use a sink-tip? Royal Wulff has one that really works great because it has a continuous taper and doesn't "hinge" the way other s/t lines tend to do.

Tight Loops,

deegan 08-10-2003 07:31 PM

love windcutter
I am using the rio windcutter 10/11/12 with big boy 300 and 400. do you have a ricipe for those flies?

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