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juro 08-31-2000 06:53 PM

Thanks now lets get back to the action
I appreciate the kind words and acknowledgement. I am sure we'll come up with ways to co-fund this enterprise over time, but for now let's focus on the business of hard core fly fishing! Enthusiasm is what makes an internet sportsman's club the best it can be, and the ultimate asset is the strength of the community.

<font color="0000ff">Maybe next year we could have a dues system whereby 50% of the dues are waived by submitting a story or article, 25% are waived by submitting 5 fly patterns, and the other 25% goes toward operating costs and charities. I don't need profit from this, the fun is beyond monetary already!

That way we will achieve three things: (1) a way to chip in to the cause with <i>content instead of cash</i> (2) the option to <i>pay cash instead</i>, which is easier and truly appreciated when paying the site costs (3) the corporate citizenship of giving something back with 25%. Education is another worthy cause, perhaps a Lefty Clinic fund in the Jay Horton tradition.</font><!--color-->

<center>*** Let's vote on that for 2001 ***</center>

For now, there's no time to waste... let's get fishin!

thanks again,


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