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h2o 07-12-2003 10:12 AM

Rigged O.K. Caber and Cabo for those interested
I just finished rigging two Capers and a Cabo (Tandem) for guiding freshwater flyfishing. I post this to help others interested in either. I had a hard time finding rigging info. for either.

CAPER - Scotty base rod holders 3 total each. 2 centered outside tankwell installed with s.s.bolts /well nuts. One front & center on top of console behind hatch. Installed with 1 1/2" bolts & nuts. Used black addhesive silicone (permatex) to calk contour for a finished pro. look. Have water in cup & rag to keep tip clean and finger trowl the caulk. Again it looks very pro. not hacked in.

Paddle holders - made bungy type with D & J clips to fit the nice contour on side of Caper. Clips are installed with marine style rivets (nylon coated black)

Anchor system - I don't get fancy here as some do. I installed a cleat just behind the seat with s.s. bolts & well nuts. You can run the anchor bow or stern through strap web. nicely without adding anything else.

Seats- Surf to summit high backs with gear pouch.

Inside rod storage - Through bow hatch. I used marine grade grade velcro (2 strips) to hold flyrods up to 9 1/2'. Or other stuff.

Tankwell - A Coleman cooler etc. fits well but for flyfishing I prefer dry bags.

Some extras - I have Scotty fly rod holders for each base also 1 Scotty bar (the yak I guide from) with base and marine GPS mount for Garmin GPS Map 76 with "marine blue chart" of Lake Erie down loaded. Also Scotty first aid, throw bag, compass, on my yak. On all yaks I use paddle leashes and made yak leashes that snap on bow "D" clip loop through hatch straps and back to clip.

Note On Caper - The yak was very easy to rig. Unlike some boards report. The only semi tricky part was the front base.

CABO Tandem. 4 total Scotty bases all installed with ss bolts & well nuts. 2 centered outside tankwell (I caulked these with black silicane addhesive). 1 each centered on console between footwells.

Paddle holders- I used the rubber "C" clip type a pair on each side. Installed with marine rivets through nylon washers.

Seats, inside rod storage, etc. etc. all same as above "see Capers".

Handleing/paddleing/fishing The CAPERS 11' X 30" actual measurements 10'10" x 31" capacity 325# weight 45 #'s (it does not ride low with a 240#er in it)- they handle very well, track superb for a 11' yak turn easy. The butt is dry without plugs. Very stable, move around and get stuff sit sideways etc. Self rescue is a breeze. Fits long legged people easy. Very Comfy a bit slower than my last yaks but the pros outwieghed the cons greatly. They are great do everything well, nothing great,from creeks to ocean, no limets yaks (the kind I have come to cherish). The CABO - Large 16'3" x 30" fast almost tour type tandem. Poor to paddle solo, like a rocket with two, turns fair. Room for two for flyfishing but I use it for one client in front me in back holding position. Heavy 75 #'s tough handling. But perfect for two with client in front or two fishing buds that need to cover some water to get at fish. Vey comfy, room for long legs. Tons of capacity.

I hope this helps a fisherman to not waste as much time "looking for rigging info" on these yaks as I did to no avail. Finally I just ordered them site unscene and rigged them. I live in a rural/country area. The local yak dealer is small.

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FishHawk 07-12-2003 06:32 PM

Will have to try that Marine Velcro for a rod mount system. FishHawk

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