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juro 08-22-2000 05:14 PM

Speedy recovery GregO!
Greg -

We are all with you in mind and spirit, and wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery tomorrow. Knowing your indellible enthusiasm for angling it must be tough for you to lose even one minute on the water - but the returns will be great for a little maintenance now.

Get well quick and look forward to seeing you on a clave soon.

isoh 08-23-2000 10:20 AM

RE:Speedy recovery GregO!
Greg's surgery went well (almost). They found a stone lodged in his bile duct and will have to go in for it this morning with an auroscope, but other than that his recovery should be coming along well.

juro 08-23-2000 12:25 PM

RE:Speedy recovery GregO!
Today's non-invasive surgery techniques are really wonderful. I used to visit a company that made all kinds of surgery tools that enter thru little holes and replace the opening of cavities to get the job done. They display all of their instruments on the walls of their main conference room. Although we were all aware (thru friends and relatives) of the ease they bring to people needing surgery, as we sat in the conference room we could not help but feel we were visiting Doctor Frankenstein!

Lefty 08-24-2000 09:05 AM

RE:Speedy recovery GregO!
Go Grego on the recovery. We need you at the Boneclave/Rhody and beyond! Our thoughts and prayers with you.


isoh 08-24-2000 11:10 AM

RE:Speedy recovery GregO!
Spoke to Greg last night (Wednesday). By the time they went in after the remaining stone, it had worked itself out. No further procedures needed! Sometime late in the afternoon, they recinded the no-beverages order, and Greg commenced with the slushies and ginger ale. 36 hours without so much as a glass of water. Not fun at all.

He's in some pain, but will be heading home today and convalescing on Bass River all next week.

ssully 08-25-2000 09:55 AM

RE:Speedy recovery GregO!

Get well soon dude.

grego 09-02-2000 07:21 PM

RE:Speedy recovery GregO!
Thanks for your good thoughts & positive energy! All went well. No food or dink for almost 48 hours really sucked. At least now I know why I felt crappy for about a month, so much so that I could not muster enough energy to fish !?

The week in Yarmouth was just what I needed. I felt good enough to get the boat Monday. Could not pass up on the dock that was included with the cottage. Al & I caught some blues Wednesday off Wackie (Sacconset Shoal sp?). We also chased some funny fish around, but could not hook up ?! We also made a fog-bound, no chart trip to South Monomoy on Friday, not the smartest decision. I will make a more complete post on Tuesday. But I'm looking forward to Bonz 2000. Once again Thanks. GregO.

juro 09-03-2000 06:55 AM

RE:Speedy recovery GregO!
No DINK for 48 hours????? Boy, you bet that was an extraoridinary recovery.

Glad to hear you're up and at 'em again,


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