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Steelheader69 07-05-2003 06:28 PM

Fly Swap Flies
Ok, here's the experimental fly swap flies for all to see. I will add recipe for mine, the rest of you can PM me your recipes and will edit post and put under your fly. Or if you want, can simply post and say tying instructions.
SH69's (all unnamed)
hook:downturned eye
body: purple dubbed
ribbing:gold oval braid tinsel
throat:brown mallard
gold bead head
hook:upturned salmon wetfly hook
body: purple sparkle braid
ribbing:gold sparkle braid
throat: palmered purple hackle
hook:upturned salmon wetfly hook
body:highlander green yarn
ribbing:gold oval tinsel
wing:black bear hair

Doktor T

Terry D



Steelheader69 07-05-2003 06:29 PM

#2 of the flies
Could only do so many per post, so cut them in half. Here's the other half.


Name: PM Dark
Hook: 7999 or any steelhead/salmon wet fly hook, size 2-8
Tag: Gold holographic flat tinsel
Tail: 5-7 strands of black Krystal Flash fibers, it can be a long or short tail depending upon your preference)
Body: Purple tinsel chenille
Wing: Purple Kid Goat Hair (could also consider putting a few strands of the black krystal flash in the wing
Thread: Black unithread
Head: Black


"Tan Sky"

Hook - #4 TMC 200P
Thread - Orange 6/0
Tail - Center hair of Orange Bucktail
Body - woven Mouline Special #739 embroidery thread
Hackel - Orange dyed Game Cock
Wing - White Calf Tail/ Pearl flash.

That's the lot. Thanks to all who signed up. Also thanks to those who sent me extra "free" flies. Loved them all. Special thanks to Speybum who sent in three complete sets of swap flies. With two dropouts, was going to go just off his, but fealt it was my duty to tie up for the other two. But thanks for the extra effort nonetheless. Alot of great flies.

fredaevans 07-06-2003 05:08 PM

The 3'rd one up from the bottom is Aaron's cadis he's
taken to calling "Fred's Fancy." This was a knock out fly for both summer run and Fall Kings (that the Kings would chomp! was a go figure at the time:hehe: ) on the upper Rogue.

If you've not purchased some of Aaron's hand woven fly patterns you have a great treat instore for you.

TerryD 07-08-2003 01:28 AM

Hannah Bee
Can't say this is a new creation, just took alittle from here and alittle from there to come up with my fly.

It is a basic subtle waking fly, but with some of the same coloring as a Steelhead Bee.

Thread = Black
Tag = flat silver tinsel
Butt = yellow dubbing wound over the silver tinsel
Rib = medium gold
Body = Brown dubbing
hackel = Webby Grizzly
Wing = Brown Deer Hair
Head = Black thread

Nothing fancy, but I think she might work in the riffles.

Good Luck.


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