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stein 07-24-2000 03:55 AM

The evening of May 26th was a beatiful spring-evening here in Bergen, Norway, and a great one for fishing. So I packed up my flyrod, a couple of flies. My fishing bag was as usual loaded with a burner and my coffee-kettle. I went to the sea-shore this evening.... It was a most magnificent evening, but I didn't catch anything, BUT I saw a couple of big sea-trouts jumping and I just couldn't tear myself away... But eventually I had to get back home, and so I did, but with a promise to return the very next day.. (I guess now would be a good time to explain that I live 2 minutes walk from the beach...)

So the next day I again packed my gear and went down to the beach, and HALLELULJA on the second cast, a big silver sea-trout jumped. In my head I thought that it jumped further out then my fly, but on it's second jump I could feel that it was hooked on my fly.. What an underscibable feeling... After half an hour, going back and forth, fighting, reeling and letting go, the fish was finally in my hands. And my God! This was the biggest fish I have ever caught.

I cleaned the fish on the beach and let the seagulls feast on the left overs... Took the fish home with me and weighed it to be just over 4.5 kg.

The trout made a memorable meal for me and five close friends, I think we stayed at the table for almost 10 hours with plenty of lovely fish and plenty of delicious red-wine....

The downside of the story is that this will probarbly be a once in a life-time experience...

Hawkeye 07-24-2000 11:45 AM


A great story and I love your tag line.

juro 07-24-2000 05:50 PM

Thanks for the glimpse of a magnificent seatrout from Norway. Your country is quite legendary for fishing, we hear of Norwegian salmon all the time and have fished with Norwegian lures since we were children (Rapalas). I would be very pleased to learn more about Norway, and it's great to have you on board.


stein 07-24-2000 06:07 PM

I'm sorry to say that to my knowledge Rapalas are not Norwegian, but Finnish, and named after their inventor. We do have some successfull fishing accessories here in Norway too.

I am also happy to report that the fishing for Norwegian salmon in the rivers has been the best in quite some years, this year. In Namsen (or was it Bjøra) there have been reports of salmon of up to 20 kg this year.

Some of the rivers in Norway have been closed for salmon fishing this year, in an effort to raise the numbers for later years.

Oh, and I couldn't find a way to attach the picture of my sea-trout to my original posting. Anyone have any ideas???

See you all.

isoh 07-27-2000 07:21 PM


Thank you for sharing this international fishing moment with us.

You can include the image in a post here on the board. However, it must already exists on a web server and be referenced via an http://... address. For the how-to of this, <!--http--><a href=" scend&Page=0&Session=al.96474308891559" target="_blank">click here</a><!--url-->.

If the image is not already on a Web server, I would be happy to place it on mine here at home or coordinate with Juro to place it on the Fly Fishing Forum server. Simply send me an email with the file attached: <a href="">adeluca@mediaon</a><!--url-->

tight lines,


juro 07-27-2000 09:23 PM

Stein -

As Al says, the image must be on a server somewhere. If you do not have a web aco#### somewhere, please email it to me and I will put it up right away.

I look forward to more tales from Norway (not Finland!

isoh 08-03-2000 05:19 PM

Nice fish!!

stein 08-03-2000 05:27 PM

And a very proud fisher-man...

Hawkeye 08-03-2000 06:14 PM

What a beauty!! Way to go Stein.

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