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kjackson 06-19-2003 06:08 PM

Tubular Beach Popper?
Here's a question for you, Leland-- You mentioned a while back that some folks have tried your beach popper tied on a tube. I'm getting ready to try just that-- is there a reason not to do so? It seems like it would be a quicker way to get around the snelling process plus you wouldn't be wasting a hook-- I'm going to tie some up tonight or tomorrow for a Saturday trip for SRC and thought I would check with the master first....

thanks for the advice--


Leland Miyawaki 06-19-2003 07:57 PM

I've made a significant advancement since my first poppers.

Here it is:

The hook is now a Gamakatsu #4 Octopus. I take a length of doubled over #25 Maxima and pinch the ends together to flatten them enough to shove them down the shank and through the hook eye. I now have a "loop to loop" connection with my hook. I also have the doubled strength of the Maxima as well as the stiffness I have always desired (to keep the hook from sometimes curling over and fouling with the popper head). And you can change hooks if neccessary. Not only that, the Gamakatsu hook is really "sticky sharp," (just ask my left thumb after I straighten my materials)!

I have also substituted Icelandic Sheep for my white and olive hair but that's not nearly as important as the hook.

Tubes? If you can tie 'em, do it!

Hope this helps,

kjackson 06-25-2003 02:09 PM

Leland-- Thanks for the advice-- but now I have a follow-up question. The pix at the Puget Sound flyfishing site show a fairly full wing on your popper, but earlier photos show a pretty sparse wing. Do you fish your poppers with a wing that full or was that done more for illustration?

I was going to tie some MBP on tubes before my latest outing, but I got sidetracked (used a gurgler for SRCs instead) and as a result just got back to the table-- as I was assembling pieces and parts for the poppers, I started thinking about the variations of your popper I've seen, and thus the question. I hope to get out Friday and give the popper tube a try.

I noticed that on one of the boards you mentioned that the Edgewater Dinks were getting hard to find. Rainy's makes a bass popper head that could be a dead ringer for the Dink. They should be easier to get.


Leland Miyawaki 06-25-2003 07:56 PM


The fullness of the white either polar bear or arctic runner or icelandic sheep depends on the fur itself and underfur. Generally, I like a slim profile, kinda like a fat candlefish (sandlance) or a skinny smelt.

FYI, I just back from landing two dollies of approx. ten pounds each on a very slim and chewed up popper.

Also, the flyshop I work part-time at has just received 300 #6 and 300 #4 dink components. We will package them in packs of six and also put together popper kits with hooks, materials heads and instructions.

Good luck,

kjackson 07-07-2003 11:22 AM

Leland-=- Tried tying some poppers on tubes and then your new method with the mono loop. Like the latter a whole lot better. The ease of tying is not that much different from the tube, but it makes an intrinsically simpler fly-- everything is in one package and ready to fish. I won't have to fumble around in my boxes looking for the tube hooks that have spilled.

I did have some trouble getting the mono loop through the eye of the hook. Perhaps it was because I didn't have any 25 pound Maxima. I first used 30 Trilene XT which was impossible. Next I tried 20 Berkley Iron Silk-- a new line-- and it was still too large to fit through the eye of a #4 Gamakatsu Octopus when doubled. I ended up using the latter with one of Mustad's new tube hooks. The only problem with this rig is that the hook cocks a bit since it has a ringed eye.

I'm thinking I'll drop to 15 pound test on the next tying.

Thanks for the advice you've given. Hope to see you at the coho clave.


Leland Miyawaki 07-07-2003 11:30 AM


I've noticed that sometimes, when I cut a length of 25lb Maxima, the ends get a "knob" on the end and won't fit through the Gamakatsu #4 eye. Try flattening the ends with a pier of pliers before cramming them through the eye. The bigger and stiffer the mono, the better it will keep the hook from curling over and hooking onto the foam head and, most importantly, it is not easily pushed out of the way by surging bow wakes.


juro 07-07-2003 12:03 PM

"surging bow wakes".... "coho clave".... I am getting psyched!!!

kjackson 07-07-2003 01:11 PM

Duh! I see what I was doing incorrectly. I formed and tied the loop to the lead hook and then tried to push the doubled end through the hook eye after the popper was tied. Putting the ends through first would be easier no doubt. Replacing the hook, though, will take some doing.

Now I'm regretting leaving for a trade show in the morning. I could be fishing instead... I wonder if my boss would mind me not showing up... thank heavens the show is shorter this year, and I return Friday afternoon.

Surging bow wakes are cool, but I really like having a pod of three or four fish competing for my fly or in this case, popper. That can be a real double-shot espresso experience.

Now if I can stay focused and get my work done in advance, I can have September off. Guess I better get back at it.



Leland Miyawaki 07-07-2003 01:39 PM

Here's another exciting scenario. To see big dollies ripping at bait in a fast moving tide and casting a popper about ten feet away from the boil, then stripping like mad and having one turn and, with a surging bow wake, slash twice at your popper before eating it.

Enjoy your trade show,

Doktor T 07-09-2003 10:49 PM

So I read through this thread and sure hope someone will give me a link to some pix of these poppers and dinks.


Leland Miyawaki 07-09-2003 11:36 PM

I'm having a hard time finding the popper tying pics and recipe on the forum tonight. But you can go to:

Hope this helps,

jcc_00 07-18-2003 08:43 PM

Good pics of bait fish for fly ideas !

MCorder 11-24-2003 05:13 PM

Great Site! Allot of good patterns!

Norseman 08-04-2004 11:58 AM

Here are the tying instructions
5 Attachment(s)
Hope this works.

Leland , I hope you don't mind me posting this....I had it saved on my computer for future reference

Norseman 08-04-2004 12:00 PM

Here's the next set of instructions
5 Attachment(s)
Instruction steps 6-10

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