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ssully 04-30-2000 11:04 PM

Cortland Camo Intermediate Line?

Any chance on also bringing the Cortland 444 Camo intermediate line in a 9W to the clave for test purposes?

juro 05-01-2000 06:52 AM

RE:Cortland Camo Intermediate Line?
Sure Sully! I'll work on it.

Looking forward to getting on the water again!

juro 05-09-2000 12:38 PM

RE:Cortland Camo Intermediate Line?
Sully -

Sorry we didn't get around to playing with more gear, all that action sure kept us busy. I will be announcing a session (somewhere without water!) to test a wide range of lines and rods in the near future.

Look for the post and hope you sign up!


artb 05-09-2000 08:58 PM

RE:Cortland Camo Intermediate Line?
Sully, I have one and I love it. I got it last year. I like it because it is not stiff like other lines, also not as expensive.

ssully 05-10-2000 07:20 PM

RE:Cortland Camo Intermediate Line?
Thanks Art!

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