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craig 06-12-2003 02:52 PM

Boat Size?
If you were to buy a boat to chase stripers and hardtails, what size would you be looking at,Minium and Maxium?

What do people think about Lund Alaskians? 18 footer with a 60 hp Yamaha?

JimW 06-12-2003 03:26 PM

I've been out in a Lund 18' tiller with a 50hp and it gave a good ride, nice boat. I think you'd have an advantage in rocky areas, but a disadvantage in a chop. I felt more like I was on the lund than in it. As they say, you'll always want a bigger boat. If I did not have a family to put in the boat I would have gone for that very boat. Uses practically no gas and can be trailered without a problem.

Sprocket 06-12-2003 03:55 PM

"If you were to buy a boat to chase stripers and hardtails, what size would you be looking at,Minium and Maxium?"

My personal preference would be for a Parker 17/18 or up to the 22.

Of course my eyes have been opened to the Stieger Craft 20's...awesome.

Mako's are also on my short/dream list.

juro 06-12-2003 07:50 PM

So many I love but... the Hewes redfisher 18' has my eye for flats and chasing hardtails. I also like the old 23' whaler outrage - you can beach it or run it in big water. You can find the older hulls and put new power on it for a good value. Many good boats out there...

craig 06-13-2003 08:42 AM

How Much?

Do you have an estimate on what the Hewes go for, with an average hp outboard. I don't feel I need to brake any speed records, but something that will go along ok.

juro 06-13-2003 09:14 AM

Go to and click on dealer locator... It'll be a while before I get the $$ and it will be used I'm sure.

Good luck

craig 06-14-2003 08:24 PM

How big of a motor would you think you would need on a Hewes Redfish 18'?

steelheadmike 06-24-2003 08:34 AM

It's not the size of your boat .... it's how you use it.:hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

Eddie 06-24-2003 11:48 AM

What is your budget? Where will you be fishing 90% of the time? These are the most important questions. Next up would be: How do you like to fish? What is you experience and the intangible that voids all other answers: What looks good to you?
For the RedFisher, I would recomend the 130.

Greg Pavlov 06-24-2003 10:33 PM

I spend quite a bit of fishing time in an 18 ft tiller Lund
Alaskan, an older flat-hulled model. I agree with JimW:
it's a boat you feel you're riding on. By the way, if you're
comparing it to other boats, you may want to check the
centerline length of the Alaskan you're looking at to see
how close to 18' it actually is. Centerline line length is
about 17' on the older "18 foot" Alaskan.

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