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inland 06-09-2003 10:55 PM

Topher- I lost my address book!
If you get this could you send me an email? Lost the hard drive last week :(

Sounds like fishin' has been MUCH better than last year, and less than two weeks before I get to try!


juro 06-13-2003 06:51 AM

Sounds like he is deep into the pursuit instead of face to the computer screen like us ;)

I will be visting the Gaspe' in July... can't wait! :D :D

wrke 06-13-2003 09:46 AM

Ditto, can hardly wait. Reports are good. I leave in 5 days.

jcc_00 07-12-2003 06:11 AM


Have you returned from the Gaspé and can you fill us in on how the season looks so far on the peninsular? Any comments on the numbers of fish or general conditions?


wrke 07-12-2003 07:15 AM

Pretty good week. Most on wets, but two lovely fish on dries. One estimated at 32lbs (I don't think it was quite that large) on a waked bomber (Grand Cascapedia), a 15 lb fish on Bonaventure to a dead drift bomber. 15 lb fish from the Grand, and a couple of 12 lb fish — one from the Bonaventure, the other from the Petite Cascapedia. Water was a little bit low, but conditions were pretty good. I believe the numbers are holding up — they've recently gotten some rain that they needed. Salmon numbers appear to returned to normal after last year's disproportionate numbers of grilse (and a much later than usual start).

jcc_00 07-12-2003 09:06 AM


thanks for the update - sounds like a good trip.....

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