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ssully 04-17-2000 11:12 PM

4/17/00 Merrimack River Report
Hi All,

FWIW I gave the Merrimack River a go this morning. Had to wet a line. Cold, Cold, Cold...freezin. Feets don't fail me now!

I was at the Essex dam in Lawrence and the current there is suicide. Forget wading for now! Hell I wouldn't even put a boat in there, NASTY!

juro 04-17-2000 11:39 PM

RE:4/17/00 Merrimack River Report
Thanks for the report, Sully - I cancelled a trip to fish salmon upriver from you due to high water. The state officials said the water was "in the trees" and they had a fisherman drown during the week near Franklin NH. Glad you are the type to think discretion is the better part of valor at the Essex Dam. We need those killer Ssully-special breakfasts at the clave!

Won't be long now, but I guess it isn't yet.

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