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artb 04-14-2000 08:42 PM

RI Striper Regulations for 2000
I thought that I ought to post the new Striper Regulations for RI.
The season opens April 23,2000 and runs to Nov.30,2000. 29" minimum with a 2 fish bag limit. By the end of April there should be some decent bass around.

juro 04-14-2000 09:59 PM

RE:RI Striper Regulations for 2000
Art -

Always great to hear from you. Does that season date mean one can't fish for stripers and release them before the 23rd -or- does it just mean the catch and keep season starts on that day?

I suspect Al, Greg, Terry and maybe more are homing in on your home waters few hours from now! I sure hope the season you mention applies only for keeping them, but C&R is open when they arrive!

artb 04-15-2000 05:09 AM

RE:RI Striper Regulations for 2000
Juro. I got the regulations from several sources, It doesn't specify. The State would be hard pressed to procecute for C&R. Hope to catchup with you soon, in the process of moving knocks the hell out of fishing. Omega pond spillway on the Seekonk river is still one of the best options.

rel1 04-15-2000 05:36 AM

RE:RI Striper Regulations for 2000
artb- If the rules applied to catching stripers then you'd be paying fines for fishing Omega Pond-right? the season only applies to possession not C&R. rel1

artb 04-15-2000 07:46 PM

RE:RI Striper Regulations for 2000
Rel1, Got another week before the official opening. If I get a chance Monday I will call RI Dem, and see what they say. It is not like Trout where they close all trout waters about a month before they open the season. The regulation could be written clearer. If Dem sat up by Omega Pond, or Washburn Wire, same place, lots of fishermen would get arrested. Go get them.

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