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ssully 03-23-2000 11:02 PM

You know you're a fly tying junkie when...
Your neighbors take their golden retriever to the vet to be checked for mange.

You carry large cutters in your trunk for the occasional squirrel tails.

You decide to take up bird hunting when you've never shot a gun before in your life.

You go into thousand yard stares waiting for a haircut at the barber.

The guy next door who raise chickens greets you at the door with a shotgun.

The lady at the craft store is now giving you very strange looks...

juro 03-23-2000 11:35 PM

RE:You know you're a fly tying junkie when...
hey... I represent that!

Good yuks, I recall threads from a past life where the discussion degraded into folks digging up real fly recipes from ancient books that required human hair from...

On the topic of rodent fur, I was driving home one night when a police car and an animal control van were stopped in the street. There lay a freshly killed fisher, I'd say about four feet from nose to tail, and much of that tail. I slowed down to observe the animal, and couldn't get over the wildness of the animal that housecats fear. The AC officer asked "wanna make a hat?", seeing my "thousand mile stare". I jumped out of the truck to take a closer look on that note. The fur made the best bucktail look sick. The AC officer (a she) admired the beast after she poked at it with a stick to make sure it was really dead.

I blurted out that I was a flytyer and the tail looked really interesting to which she said "want me to give you just the tail?". I thrashed with the dillema - a rare and legally obtained (a cop witness!) supply of tying fur the likes of which I hadn't seen before -or- dignity of not accepting roadkill in my home town, where my wife is well known town worker, soon to become the wife of that "roadkill guy". What would I do with it? Freeze it? Cure it?

I said "sure is beautiful, what a waste!" and hopped tail-less into the truck and went home.

Bob Pink 03-24-2000 08:20 PM

RE:You know you're a fly tying junkie when...
Shoulda completed the image for the townies by saying the meat makes a good pate' after your let it cure for a while......

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