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Slinger 05-18-2003 09:12 PM

Tern Music
Spent the morning on Narragansett Bay, finally got the boat purring. Cold as a witches heart at dawn. After about 3 hours of fishing around East Greenwich the wind died and became FAC. With no company and only one short and a 2lb blue to show for my effort, I was sort of lulled into daydreaming thinking about how I should put a radio in the boat when what should appear but a flock of wheeling terns about a half mile out. I flew over figuring to find the first invadeing choppers of the season. I saw the birds working towards me and cut the motor and drifted towards them. Suddenly the surface all around me was alive with swirling fish, all wearing pajamas!Allmost fell over trying to get the fly in the water. I was surrounded by screaming terns and swirling fish. First fish 30" second and third 26" then the Spanish armada descended on me and put them down. The birds dispersed but I was still marking lots of fish near the bottom. The fleet soon went thier seperate ways. 15 min. later there they were again, same scenario, 2 or three fish and then gone when the weekend warriors troll tube and worms right thru them. This went on for more than two hours until I had to leave to attend a graduation. I ended up with a lot of very nice bass for the day. Never did get a handel on what bait they were eating, but the old olive clouser was the right ticket. The music those terns made was better than any radio. On a side note I had one big tiderunner squet slash at the fly boatside.

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