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Quentin 05-18-2003 07:41 PM

Central Mass Stripers (non-ff)
On Saturday a friend and I took a ride to the Holyoke dam on the Connecticut River to try for some shad. It was the 2nd weekend of the annual shad derby and it was pretty crowded so I was using my spinning rod. (It's a tough place to flyfish even when it's not crowded.) The shad weren't hitting too well so I decided to try for some smallies in one of the side channels that flows into the main current. I put on a floating/diving Rapala and on my second or third cast I got a nice topwater hit and hooked up. I thought it was a largemouth at first but it turned out to be a 20" striper! Nice little bonus, especially since I didn't catch any shad. Didn't see any smallies or largemouths either, although I did see a 2' pike chasing a herring in the same place where I got the striper. I also saw some people using cut shad for bait and they said that they had caught a few stripers in the 20" range.

I'm planning to go again tomorrow after work. If it's not too crowded I'll try the fly rod. Maybe I should bring the 9wt and toss a big herring fly for a while!


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