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ssully 03-17-2000 02:28 PM



With no public hearing or comment and without the knowledge of the
New Hampshire Fish & Game Commissioners, Rep. Dennis F. Abbott
(D), Newmarket attached an amendment to Senate Bill 328. The
amendment would effectively strip the Fish & Game Commission from all
rule making authority on marine species and give that power to the
Director. This effectively takes the sportsman's voice out of the rule
making process by denying his county commissioner a vote in the process.

Rep. Abbott was incensed in 1998 when the Commission rejected
his and Div. Marine Fisheries Chief John Nelson's
recommendation to reduce the minimum limit for Striped Bass from
32" to 28". Sportsmen from all around the state asked their
commissioners to reject the recommendation and to protect the
large spawning female bass.

Listening to their constituents, the commission voted to stay at the
conservative 32" limit.

Their concern has been confirmed as valid just this past October when the
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission(ASMFC) ruled that large
Stripers were being over fished and that all states must take steps to
protect them. Abbott and Nelson are commissioners to ASMFC. Rep.
Abbott stated to the writer that he feels seacoast fishermen should
determine the regulations for marine species as they are more
knowledgeable on that subject than their inland brethren.The Coastal
Conservation Association urges all sportsmen and women of New
Hampshire to call their Senator today. Urge him to reject SB 328, as
amended. Your voice and representation on the New Hampshire Fish &
Game Commission is at stake here. CCA rejects the hypothysis that
seacoast anglers should decide marine issues.

We urge every sportsman in this state to call your senator today.
Tell him you oppose the rulemaking being taken from our Fish &
Game Commission. Ask them to see that SB-328, as amended is not
passed by the Seante until the amendment is withdrawn. If you need your
senator's name or phone number, call CCA at 776-3474

As long as our marine species are a public resource, all anglers of the state
have a stake in and should have a voice in regulations concerning them.
The angler from Northern Pittsburgh in Coos County should have as equal
a voice as the sportsman living on Odiorne Pont in Rye.


Coastal Conservation Association
P.O. Box 242
Ctr.Barnstead, NH 03225
Contact: Bill Hubbard - 776-3474

The Coastal Conservation Association represents more than 73,000
anglers and conservationists in fifteen state chapters from Maine to Texas.
We are dedicated to the conservation of our Marine Resources. The New
Hampshire chapter was formed in 1997 and represents more than 200
citizens of the state.

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