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juro 03-16-2000 03:24 PM

Gearfest '2000
<font color="006060"><font size="1">When I was just entering the work force, and ol' timer told me to slow down a very amusing way. He said "two bulls are on top of a hill, looking down at the valley full of cows. The young one says "let's run down and have us one of those cows!". The old one calmly says "let's walk down and have 'em all."</font><!--2--></font><!--color-->

<font size="4">I</font><!--4-->n the spirit of trying everything before committing, I propose that we add a dimension to the claves and outings we have this year. When Spey rods were becoming popular in the PNW, Clearwater Angler hosted a Speyfest of sorts on a local river. Everyone brought their setups, and everyone got to try each other's rods and lines. In one day, I would learn as much about the different offerings as I would in a whole season.

This is a common practice between buddies, but I'd like to suggest that we allocate some time during every clave to try each other's gear out. The first opportunity will be in the North Cascades Native Steely Clave, March 30 - April 5th involving Spey rods and lines. (I just couldn't resist, and can't wait to get there!)

The next opportunity after that will be at Terry's Cape Cod Clave in May. After that will be Monomoy in June. The two-handers will be done by then, adding an additional rod to the mix. August will be the multi-BB event of the year BONECLAVE '2000 ! (I hope this event will bridge all New England websites and bulletin boards into one meeting!)

I will ask rod, reel and line manufacturers to consider promotion of their goods at these events, in other words bring their stuff so we can try them out in the field. (Some have been responding already) If things work out, we'll have a lot to sample!

(Tell any and all reps that you know you'd like them to support us)

JohnM 03-20-2000 01:41 PM

RE:Gearfest '2000

Please let me know if you would like me to contact anyone to secure samples.......


juro 03-20-2000 02:16 PM

RE:Gearfest '2000
YES! Here's my calling card #....

We would be grateful for all offers and they can expect that we will invest a sincere effort to test and report on everything they offer.

Ideally, they would provide these for more than one of our major gatherings so we can test in a variety of themes and contexts (for our good and theirs).

I will post the responses as I get them, and thanks for leveraging your contacts John!


juro 03-22-2000 10:31 PM

RE:Gearfest '2000
John -

Regret that you will miss the spring clave but family comes first, eh? If there is any demo gear or sample stuff, please direct me on coordinating that in your absence. In any case we'll be fishing soon!


ssully 03-24-2000 10:27 PM

RE:Gearfest '2000

I met Bill Brennian this afternoon. He is a rep from St. Croix. He seemed interested in a proposal for this event. I have his number if you would like to contact him.

juro 03-25-2000 07:53 AM

RE:Gearfest '2000
Awesome Sully! Just click on my email icon and let's talk about it. I like what they've been doing with value / performance especially in the travel series.


Lefty 03-25-2000 04:40 PM

RE:Gearfest '2000
Cooincidentally, I will be breaking in my new St. Croix Ultra Legend 9 wt. I was telling my friend who sold me the rod about the Spring Run Clave and he offered to let me bring an Ultra Legend Demo Rod along for everyone to try.
Is there some protocol for such proposals? I'm a personal friend of the guy so he just said "here..take one with you".


juro 03-25-2000 05:25 PM

RE:Gearfest '2000
The more the merrier! We hear a lot of talk, and see a lot of glossy testimonials but in the end it's all about what works for each individual. Hands-on is the only way!

Look forward to trying all the gear. As the dates approach I will start a roster of gear open to trials.


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