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striblue 05-10-2003 03:38 PM

"Burmuda Fishing"-Joe Brooks
I just won and ebay auction and was able to get another Joe Brooks first edition fishing book, Published in 1957 and entitled "Burmuda Fishing"... I didn't even know this book existed. Looking forward to reading it but more improtant to see what kind of flys he used.

mcutchin 05-10-2003 05:07 PM

Closest I ever got to Joe Brooks was dating his grand-neice. Looking forward to your review!

pmflyfisher 05-10-2003 05:24 PM

Cool, I could have used this book when I was in Bermuda during 1999 three weeks on business, one week each in April, August, and November may have inspired me to bring the fly rod and give it a go. Did some limited exploring jogging out to the beach and various tidal coves that are all over the place.

Did not see any fly fisherman, did see alot of exotic salt water fish I could not all identify.

Supposedly Bermuda has large bones but not as many as other destinations.

Joe Brooks was one of my child hood fishing idols.

PM Out

bonefishmon 05-24-2003 09:56 AM

Bermuda bones
Bonefishing in Bermuda is isolated to a few wadeable flats. A few near the airport and one large flat just south of the Pompano Beach Club. Sommersett Long Bay is another beach with a small flat near the Mangrove Beach Club and is the only place I've seen them. They would not eat. Late April, May is the start of the best bonefishing when the water temps come up and the fish start to show in shallower water. Best place to stay is munro beach There is a huge flat right in front of the complex and is restricted to occupants unless you make the LONG wade in from West Whale Bay Park.
I did a lot of scouting when I was there in March and a caddy at the Port Royal Golf Club, which is near the Munro Beach,
says he sees bones from the cliffs there quite frequently! Sounds like New Zealand type fishing to me! Bring a friend to sight the fish from the cliffs while directing from a two way radio. I walked the cliffs and could see quite a bit of shallow
water that could be sight fished. Would be a good golf-fishing trip. One of the greens is right there on the cliff at waters edge. Don't look at the water while putting!!!!!!!! You might just spot one of those dark, huge bones! (double bogey)


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