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FishHawk 03-12-2000 09:32 AM

Trouble opening images
I am having trouble viewing some of the images on the archives of saltwater patterns. What I get is an image with a Question mark on it. When I click on the image it won't open .I am running Netscape 4.0. Other images open fine Exmple Chris Mountain carb fly had that image. Thanks for your help

admin 03-12-2000 10:18 AM

RE:Trouble opening images
Sorry about the error - it's been repaired. Please keep me informed of any other mishaps.

- Admin

Lefty 03-13-2000 08:01 AM

RE:Trouble opening images
It should also be mentioned that images are usually kept on peoples private ISP servers. And I know mine ( is sometimes wicked slow due to traffic. That would cause problems on image viewing too. I've since gotten some free webspace at to help with speed.


juro 03-13-2000 10:56 AM

RE:Trouble opening images
It might be a good idea to start a directory of free webspace providers, even a more explanatory help file for people learning to use the BB. I found a very nice add-a-link script that I'll try to get set up ASAP.

Great tip Terry.

BTW - Clave's a comin'!

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