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trutta 03-11-2000 08:25 AM

Panamania booboo
Sorry to use this to reach Juro, but it's fastest way, I think. The Panamania button on the left brings you to destination but once there, you click to see the article and it goes to Patagonia Journal. Great to see Bruce's piece there! Great job all round.

BruceWainman 03-11-2000 10:35 AM

RE:Panamania booboo
Hi Trutta,

I thought the Panamanian booboo was me....

trutta 03-11-2000 04:25 PM

RE:Panamania booboo
>I thought the Panamanian booboo was me....

No Bruce... that would be the Panamanian boob! 8^)
Great piece. Looking forward to seeing you at the Forum.

juro 03-11-2000 08:02 PM

RE:Panamania booboo
Welcome Bruce! I've thoroughly enjoyed your adventure (vicariously).

Luis - Have you tried a refresh, or a refresh with the shift key? I can't get the link to go to the Patagonia.

trutta 03-12-2000 07:11 AM

RE:Panamania booboo
>Luis - Have you tried a refresh, or a refresh with the >shift key? I can't get the link to go to the Patagonia.

Me neither... and I have tried refresh and shift refresh. It goes straight to the top of the destination page.
In addition to that, when you hit Panamania on the left bar, it goes to the top of destinations, but the pointer for Bruce's piece (where it says click here to read) points to .../patagonia/patagonia.index

juro 03-12-2000 08:46 AM

RE:Panamania booboo
Luis - Oh yes, I see what you mean. If you click the picture instead of the text, half the problem is solved. As far as the "What's New" links, it will probably have to point to the Forum Section instead of the specific article to avoid frame confusion. I'll look into it.

While I have you on the line, the fontinalis article looks great - let's shoot for completion this coming week.

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