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BeginnerFlyman 05-05-2003 03:35 PM

Beginning Fly Fishing
I am beginning to learn how to fly fish. I have a few questions. My 1st question is I want to get a beginners fly rod (combo) for under $120. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want 8/9 line wght. My next question is if anyone is from the Tampa Bay, Florida area. I am located about an hour North of Tampa. My third questin is if there are any saltwater fly makers in this forum. I am looking for mainly basic inshore flies and flies for the flats (reds, snook, trout, jacks, ladyfish, and basically any drum). Another question is if anyone has heard of "flies4sale" in Sarasota, Florida. I would vary much appreciate it if these questions would be answered. Thanks.


juro 06-09-2003 04:54 PM

Hi Sean -

I'm not aware of full combos for $120 but you may find something workable by searching on the net. If you can get closer to $200 it would open up a lot more options, in fact there is a discussion going on about such an outfit on one of the other topic areas.

Try the "search" function or click in the bonefish fly archives for more info, the posts may not show up unless you choose a longer time frame (pulldown that says show posts since).

There are many tyers in this community; never heard of flies4sale - I tie all my own stuff.

Good luck with your search!

mcutchin 06-14-2003 05:12 PM


Your quest for a less-than-$120 rod-reel-line combo is likely to come up short on one, if not all, of the three components. That being said, don't give up! Remember though that you're still going to need to buy some backing and butt and leader material to assemble your leader. How well you can cast with a low-end fly rod and fly line depends on your skill as a caster. I wouldn't hesitate to go check out Wal-Mart or Sears and see what they sell, but keep in mind that this may be stuff you throw away in a year or two, especially if you do much fishing.

As for flies, the good thing is that snook and redfish are not very particular--again, anything sold in big-box retail stores, if you can find it, will probably suite your short-term needs.

Marshall Cutchin

CaptMark 09-11-2003 12:56 PM

I think that Scientific Anglers has a starter kit at WalMart that is under a $120.

I may be mistaken, but if price is a concern, check it out.

Capt Mark

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