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Danbo 05-03-2003 11:30 PM

Rivermouth Pike
I fished the Credit River mouth area in my hometown of Port Credit today. (In the clearer backwaters of the marina area.)
Using a 7wt flyrod , a full sinking line, a 4' leader of 25# test mono and my "secret weapon" fly, I caught 3 pike.
The largest was around 7 pounds, although I also saw one larger about 10 pounds.
secret fly was a 3" black rabbit-strip leech with lead-eyes.
Using polarized glasses, I could see individual pike sunning along the rocky shoreline there.
A strategic cast ahead of 'em, I then allowed the fly to sink to their eye-level or deeper.
You just twitched it back teasingly with pauses.
The fish either spooked away or ignored it, but eventually one would react, turn, follow & inhale it!! Yowza! What a blast.
This fishing only lasts a few weeks, then the pike move deeper as the water temps. rise. But for now, it's the best game in town!
After the pike leave, the smallmouth bass & carp move in for an all-summer treat. Fish on!

Dble Haul 05-04-2003 07:09 AM

I agree that it's the best game in town early in the season....I'm going out today to sample some of it myself before things get too warm and the larger fish start to stage at the dropoffs.

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