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flyfisha1 04-27-2003 05:35 PM

Arrrgghhhh... Sand Fleas in my bathing suit...
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A variation on the shrimp I had tied up a few weeks back, this time on a size 8 with an added feature: the vein running down the back of the shrimp for added realism...

flyfisha1 04-27-2003 05:37 PM

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... and the "dorsal view"...

flyfisha1 04-27-2003 05:40 PM

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BTW, I'm aware that sand fleas have very short antennae; this fly imitates small grass shrimp primarily, but the antennae can be clipped off if a sand flea is specifically what you're looking to imitate. Just for good measure, another sand flea, this one without antennae...

flyfisha1 04-27-2003 05:43 PM

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... and the original shrimp pattern I had tied, this time in a size 8 rather than the 2 and 4 I had been working on... also, using dumbbell at the eye with a very thin strip of foam along the bottom of the shank (which is the dorsal side of the fly) in order to get the shrimp to swim upright yet sink telson-first, as a normal shrimp often does... just before he's eaten... :devil:

Eddie 04-27-2003 08:46 PM

What kind of dubbing is that? SLF? Puglisi Shrimp? Please post a recipe.

flyfisha1 04-27-2003 09:00 PM

Hook: Tiemco 205BL (barbless), size 8.
Dubbing: "Super Bright" for the first two shown, SLF for the last.
Antennae: Hackles, stripped.
Dorsal Vein: Stripped hackle, colored black with Sharpie.
Thread: Mono thread.
Eyes: 50-lb. test mono melted, dipped in black nail polish.
Carapace Material (when used): Zip-Lock bag for first shrimp shown, Stalcup's Flashback for third, lashed down with 10-lb. test mono tied in beneath the head.
Thin strip of craft foam lashed to shank and dumbbell eye tied in at eye, as previously described, to enable the fly to swim upright.

MCorder 02-13-2004 03:26 PM

We were sharing sea stories last night and I guy I was with in the carabian brought up one that I hoped had been forgotten.
We were on mid patrol break for LE and stoped in Tortola, I ended up having one too many "Pain Killers" and ended up taking a nap in Pirates Cove on the beach. I guess I laid in a nest of them because when I got up I had been bitten so many times I had to goto the corpsman to get a shot to stop the swelling. Oh well, just a sand flea story....

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