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doug 02-20-2000 11:04 AM

Vineyard Vacation booked!
It's a LONG ways away....but this years Bonito and Albie vacation on the Vineyard is set!! 2 week cottage rental AND ferry vehicle reservations are booked. :)
Needless to say ....I AM PSYCHED!!!!!

To you guys who I invited out for a day or two last season, the offer still stands.

Anyone else taking any fishing vacations this coming season?

Doug B.

juro 02-20-2000 11:29 AM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!
Doug -

Congrats! I recall the great time you had last season... I'll send you some of my silverside patterns for fishing on your flyrod.

I am re-scheduling my April visit to steelhead Valhalla to preserve brownie points for (a) Margaree Atlantic salmon fishing and (b) British Columbia steelhead / salmon in late August. Of course there will be numerous local sortie's to the Cape, and your neck of the woods as well.

I am still trying to decide whether to go to the Catskills for NEC 2000 ( a clave of epic proportions ) or to finally re-visit my childhood bonanza of bronzebacks in New Hampshire's crystal clear lakes (late May / early June).

No bonefishing / flats for me this year. My wife and I remain hopeful that we will get to the Bahamas next year. She thinks it's a typical tropical treat (hehe).

This reminds me - time to set up the clave schedule for the year... stay tuned,

bigcat988 02-20-2000 12:11 PM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!
This May I will be off to the keys for our annual tarpon and bonefish safari. This years trip will be very special for the lovely Mary and I will tie the knot in a small ceremony at the resort. Is it spring yet ?

doug 02-20-2000 12:18 PM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!
Best of luck chasing steelheads! I hope to actually fish with you atleast once during the upcoming season.

The wife and I keep "next yearing" a tropical vacation. We used to scuba dive all over the Caribbean. Bahamas, Bonaire, Grand Cayman, Turks and, I'm really getting depressed. Obviously, next visit will have some flyfishing included! Wherever it may be....

Hope to make atleast one clave this season....I'll tell the wife not to enter any cooking contests! :)

Doug B.

By the way...I'll take you up on the silversides, the real ones were everywhere!

And the goal on vacation is ...tunoids on the fly!

JohnM 02-21-2000 03:28 PM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!

Congrats....I am curious...have you gotten confirmation for the ferry yet ?? The reason I ask is I Fed-Ex'd my trips into Mashpee and the called up to get confirmation. The women on the other end said they have not even started "off-Island" folks is just an awful system they have.
By the way, what is your top Albie/Bone fly ?? Will you be shorebound or in a boat for the trip ??


Roop 02-21-2000 05:09 PM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!
Congrats Doug!

Will trade flies, food, beer, etc... for a yard to set up my tent in....


doug 02-21-2000 05:43 PM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!
John M.,

Our ferry reservation is confirmed and ticket is in hand. I must say that the owners of the cottage made the reservation.

As for a favorite fly for bones/albies, don't have one yet...I must be honest...last season's tunoids were landed on light spin tackle. Could not buy a strike on fly gear.

I will be shore fishing unless I hook up with a boat owner friend. Had a blast last year!

Doug B.

doug 02-21-2000 05:46 PM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!

Offer will be taken up with the wife. I'm all for some company fishing.

Doug B.

JohnM 02-22-2000 02:36 PM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!

I plan on being there sometime in the first two weeks of September and would be willing to show you some spots on the shore that have been very reliable for the past few years. I have caught most of my Albies and Bones on 4 flies. In order of catches....small white deceiver, bunny fly, angel hair silver side and alf fly. I have found that since the peanut bunker have been coming back, the albies are not just wacking silversides but jumping on the bunker also. I found a spot where the albies would follow the bunker schools down the beach, move in for a blitz and then repeat the process all the way down the beach. The alf fly as a good replica of the bunker and took several fish. Overall, though, you cannot go wrong with a small white deceiver.

If we cannot connect, I am sure I can e-mail a few spots to you.


bdowning 03-02-2000 05:35 PM

RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!
Mine's booked as well, but I'm going in late May just before the hordes (of people) descend on the place for Mem. Day weekend. Every year is different there, but some nice cow bass and the first slug of big blues show up around then more often than not. Can't wait!


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