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kush 04-15-2003 08:17 PM

Falling off the wagon sucks!
I managed a couple of days. I even went fishing. Never-the-less, here I am back at it! :eyecrazy:

NrthFrk16 04-15-2003 08:20 PM

I think you are having too much fun!! need to start taking orders!!

...will save me the trouble of tying them! ;)

kush 04-15-2003 08:21 PM

I might as well come clean ... here's the others.

I will start to justify this by saying that this August I'll be on the Lower Dean where these big rascals will not be wasted.

fredaevans 04-15-2003 08:51 PM

Be glad you're in Canada.
In Oregon you'd be busted by the OSP with "things" this big! Sean had a few of these when he was down for the Clinic and I'd have to say they were darned impressive.

sinktip 04-15-2003 09:40 PM


Did you expect us to feel sorry for you with that Dean comment? If so, sorry to disapoint. :chuckle:

Norseman 04-16-2003 12:14 AM

So tell us
Did you manage to let a fish feel the steel of the intruder or not.....dying to know.

By the way......I dont see any need to send any of my intruders your way......they pale in comparison to yours....gonna have to get you to sneeze into a hanky and send it to me...its the only way I will get the illness and tie these properly. I really like the long tentacles...they literally say " come here and take a taste steely"

Nice.....Tyler....very nice


flytyer 04-16-2003 12:32 AM


At this rate, you will enough of them to supply everyone who is fishing the Dean during the time you are there. Also, it seems that others are beginning to get the same addiction to tying something that you have developed.

Since this is such a hard addiction to treat once it is fully developed (as it is in your case), you must seek out a high quality "inpatient treatment center" for 28 days straight in order to "dry out" from the glue, dye, and bits of fiber that have been floating about your tying area. Without this stay in the "treatment center" you are liable to continue tying more and more of these things and then introduce others to the "demon Intruder fly" and lead them to their ruin as well.

kush 04-16-2003 09:26 AM


This sickness is worse than I thought... it just occurred to me that I didn't care that the steelhead were not cooperating :whoa: .

Flytyer, where is this clinic? After all the effort I've put into trying to avoid the "Speycast for Casting's Sake Syndrome" I've fallen into something even worse - "Tying for Tying's Sake Syndrome".

Now I'm looking for a self-help group for SCSS/TTSS - man, that must be one really sorry bunch of ex-fishermen... :eek:

Doublespey 04-16-2003 09:52 AM

~Uh Oh ~
Hey Tyler,

Better keep those Pink Intruders in a separate box - you let them out in the General Population and they might rub up against a Tube Boobie and even stranger creations might result. :devil: :hehe:

Kinda remind me of one of the Stinky Shrimp ties with hairy legs! :eek:

Franken-Flies Rule!!


pmflyfisher 04-16-2003 10:18 AM


What the heck type of fly wallett/box would those fit into ?

Maybe you are using the plastic sandwich bag approach which I am using for my new Show Girls.

They would also look cool on one of those cowboy hats with the fleece fly bands around them, I could just imagine what the hat would look like with all of those stuck around it and the onriver looks you would get.

I might even pay for a picture of that. You also may get escorted off the BC rivers by a DNR officer. Like the one I met up with on the Vedder in 1986. He looked pretty serious to me. But I passed his inspection twice that day.

PM Out

removed_by_request 04-16-2003 10:59 AM


Originally posted by pmflyfisher

What the heck type of fly wallett/box would those fit into ?

Maybe you are using the plastic sandwich bag approach which I am using for my new Show Girls.

PM Out

They sell fly boxes with compartments, I have one for all the tube flies that I carry.

Works pretty neat, even has a open slot for hooks and the extra tubes used between the fly and hooks.

For the show girls a Salmon Fox Box does the trick. It will hold 66 of them and only $20 per box.

pmflyfisher 04-16-2003 11:41 AM

Where do I get one of those Salmon Fly Boxes ?

PM Out

flytyer 04-16-2003 11:44 AM


There is a clinic that provides the 28 day cure for tying addiction in the Smithers area. In fact, it has many different "wards" for the treatment you seek.


Intruders and Tube Boobies along with Stinky Shrimps! You best avoid fishing the "Greased hole" run unless you are wearing the gore tex or neoprene protection required.

removed_by_request 04-16-2003 01:33 PM


Originally posted by pmflyfisher
Where do I get one of those Salmon Fly Boxes ?

PM Out

Send me a PM and I'll get you the info. (non-sponsors which I hope will change)

They are pretty sweet.

pmflyfisher 04-16-2003 02:29 PM

Well if they are not willing to sponsor us maybe I will reconsider on purchasing from them. I do have FFF ethics to think about here just like on the rivers.

PM Out

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