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trutta 02-14-2000 07:44 AM

Danube disaster
Catastrophic cyanide spill from an Australian-Romanian mine on the river Tisza in Hungary (tributary of the Danube). More than 40 species of fish are threatened, not to mention the effect on birds, water, land, and ultimate threat to man. Some are saying this is the worst ecological disaster since Chernobyl. Here's a pic from today's newspaper. A man is scooping up the dead fish which apparently form a 5 mile conveyor belt of death. Check out the big walleye in the front (well, I think it's a "sendre" or something like that in French, just like a walleye). When will we ever learn?

Lefty 02-15-2000 10:40 AM

RE:Danube disaster(Merrimack too!)
Did anyone notice about 2 weeks ago there was a tanker truck crash in either Lowell or Lawrence that caused a gasoline spill of 1500 gallons into our own Merrimack. I looked for the article on the web back 2 weeks ago but couldn't find it so I didn't post. Just great, Benzine Stripers! This same thing happened in Reading, MA (my town) on Rte. 93 right exactly where the Ipswich crosses under. This was 5? years ago and we still have some wells in town closed down. With the overdrawing of the Ipswich, the river dries up every year in the Wilmington/Reading stretches. Dead fish galor. Ya, let's build more 4000 sq. ft. trophy houses for family's of 3! Soak them lawns! We have got to change our ways.


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