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sinktip 05-17-2000 08:36 AM

Springers on a 3 weight?
Well it has now been 17 days since I've had a line in the water. Every year once the C and R ends, I go into a fishing funk. This lasts until about this time of the month when I head to Central Oregon for 4 days floating the Deschutes and chasing its redside rainbows. Well the car is packed, the raft loaded and the single malt purchased. In about 5 hours, we point our noses south towards salmon flies and rattlesnakes. I can feel the funk lifting with each passing minute. Then a few minutes ago I log onto a guide's site to check for the latest Deschutes info and he is talking about the large chinook run that is coming into the river. Hmmm, a 3 weight, some 4 pound test and a glow bug???? Take care gang and I'll chat at you next week.

juro 05-17-2000 11:02 AM

RE:Springers on a 3 weight?
Best of luck down there... and bring an extra fly line

Doublespey 05-17-2000 11:57 AM

RE:Springers on a 3 weight?
'tip, you're S*I*C*K.

I can see you now, gazing forlornly after the departed Springer with the broken pieces of your trout rod dangling in your hands <g> Seriously, I wouldn't do a lot of nymphing with stoneflies if those Springers are in the river!

Then again, there are New Yorkers fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski for Chinook using 6 and 8lb tippet. That might be the perfect challenge - which will break first, your tippet or your rod???

Have fun with the Landlocked Steelhead!


sinktip 05-23-2000 04:24 PM

RE:Springers on a 3 weight?
Whew! Managed to find my way back from the Deschutes and with all my rods in one piece. We had a great time with hot weather, cold beer, peaty single malts and good fishing. Didn't run across any springers but managed to bring a number of redsides up to 17" to hand. There were a few spawned out steelies in the river who entertained us with their ariel acrobatics. I need to figure out how to get back down there some fall and try my luck with the long rod.

Eight days until the rivers open!!!!

juro 05-24-2000 07:40 AM

RE:Springers on a 3 weight?
Great trip report! Hey... on your comment about the fall, a "Deschutes Classic" clave would be very cool. We have some Deschutes savvy guys on hand. Something to think about...

BunnyLeech 05-24-2000 08:39 AM

RE:Springers on a 3 weight?
Just for those of you who want to know the truth...I was with Mr. Sinktip and his report is dangerously accurate and even modest to a degree! And if there's a trip I could be coaxed into, it's late summer and fall on the Deschutes.


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