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mccaff 02-11-2000 01:54 PM

Parker River Salters
If my mother agrees to watch her Grandson this Sunday I'm going to try a few spots along the Parker for Trout that I learned long ago from a friend's father. I think the weather should be mild enough to make it worth going out. I don't care if I catch anything.

My question is - What flys do I use? I was thinking of using Wooly Buggers and a few different Nymphs in my fly box. I haven't fished for trout in over a year and I figure if I'm going to put some time in I might as well use the right fly.


juro 02-11-2000 02:44 PM

RE:Parker River Salters
I've had luck in the past with grass shrimp patterns and small baitfish patterns. I tend to go for imitators first, then stimulators second. The bugger is a good stimulator / imitator mix. Chubs are probably a hardy winter forage fish for them.

In warm weather the salters I have known are real picky, but can turn on like wildfire all of a sudden. Our best experiences have been at dusk.

In any case, the experimentation is the fun part. I wouldn't rule out a big aggravator pattern - my friend landed a 3+ lb'er on a 1 oz. Kastmaster with bucktail standing right next to me one evening. The trout were invisible all day and started to boil the surface at dusk.

let us know

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