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JimW 04-09-2003 10:56 AM

What do you Paddle?
I was just curious what brand/model of Yaks everyone is paddling. I hope this thread lives on and can serve as a yak rollcall of sorts. I'd like to see what kind of following there is on this board. As new members come on board they could chime in.

Don't be shy, What are ya paddlin'?
Pictures welcome.

Let's see if we can build a fleet here.

joev 04-09-2003 11:07 AM

I paddle a Tarpon 160 .So does my wife.Plan on getting a Tarpon 120 for my son.


Nick 04-09-2003 11:20 AM

I'm in a fire orange Ocean Kayak Frenzy. Sit on top for me...i really like the versistility.


Pictures to follow...gotta take it out of the tarp first!

FredA 04-09-2003 11:45 AM

Pungo and Pamlico tandem. Thinkin about a Pungo 140 or Tarpon.

MarkDoogue 04-09-2003 03:46 PM

I have a Wilderness System Cape Horn 15(mine) and a Necky Zoar Sport(Dad's) hanging on my garage wall as we speak.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to paddle mine this season.

Doc Duprey 04-09-2003 04:44 PM

What do you paddle?
Just picked up my first...a grass green Pungo that used to reside at Area 61 (thanks Pete!). I anticipate my first serious paddle to be the Spring Clave...practicing in the local lake just as soon as the ice clears.

Best regards,


jfbasser 04-09-2003 05:00 PM

Another Pungo:smokin:

Wes 04-09-2003 06:48 PM

16ft Tarpon and a 17ft cedar stripper.

Nick 04-10-2003 07:26 AM

Nope..not another pungo. Technically its a recycled pungo from the A61, so take one out of the MYLU and into the Doc's column.

JimW 04-10-2003 08:41 AM

I am also a Pungo paddler.

If you see a Green pungo moving through the waters of Plymouth using a fish instead of a paddle:D That might be me.

DFix 04-10-2003 11:05 AM

Carolina Expedition and Necky Gannet.

What's a Pungo? :p :p :p

richD 04-10-2003 12:08 PM

I paddle a pungo great stabilty . IT works for us who start to grow in the wrong direction:(

Mean Mr Mustard 04-10-2003 12:54 PM

What do you paddle?

Bad girls, REALLY bad girls!!

An Old Town canoe. Great for getting there but, regretably, poor in the fishing.

Yaks? Seem to be a rather gruesome cross between the more refined canoe and a tent (?). Can't understand why people wish to attach themselves to a watercraft that likes to roll over. yak, yak, yak...

:razz: :devil: :hehe:


FishHawk 04-11-2003 04:57 AM

Necky Santa Cruz. Fast plenty of storage and good in rough conditions.

Tod D 04-11-2003 02:00 PM

Red Old Town Loon 138. Features: manually-heated seat, dual cupholders, manual bilge pump, scotty rod holder, removable fly box. Soon to have 2nd rod holder.

Pungo? pffft... (Kidding, Jim - did I tell you lately how nice that boat of yours is?)

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