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juro 02-11-2000 08:34 AM

On our way!
Thanks for all your patience over the last couple of weeks since we went live. I've just drafted a site development plan and have a partial business plan which will be the basis for bringing this site to it's first real level of completion.

Currently, the time/functionality/resource triangle is askew. Meaning, time is short, functionality is over-ambitious, and resource is limited. So what's new? [img]" border="0">

Part of the plan is to bring members into the program such that contributors share in the site's success. By this I mean gear, compen$ation, discounts, and satisfaction. I am already indebted to the contributors thus far and nothing has gone unappreciated. As time will tell, you'll be the first to be rewarded.

Over the next several days, I will be offering the chance for people to take on tasks which contribute to the overall site development plan. If anyone wishes, they are welcomed to take the task and name their price - a new Redington reel? A pair of 444 flylines? $100? $500? If the cost appears manageable, I'll go after the item or compensation you seek and let you know if we're good to go.

I'm sorry I can't reveal all of the plan but would be glad to share it with you in person. Although I hate the competitive stuff it pays to be cautious. One thing I don't mind sharing...
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We bad! <img src="[/img]

<b>This Forum will be what we decide to make it. There may not be the greatest returns in the beginning but if we all shovel coal we could become a freakin' locomotive. Like any co-op or democracy, if no one gives, no one gets. The first phase is always a leap of faith. Once the ball gets rolling I believe there will be fun, rewards, and knowledge gained by all members.</b>

Wouldn't that be cool?

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