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SDHflyfisher 04-07-2003 02:13 PM

marabou minnow
i was meessing around this weekend and came up with a minnow pattern

hook 4x streamer or something similar
tail white marabou
body white crystal chenille
rib fine gold wire
eyes bead chain

FrenchCreek 04-07-2003 11:49 PM

Must be its mother!
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Found this one in my box, must have mated to produce yours??

Quentin 04-08-2003 06:49 PM

I like that fly Pete -- and I bet the fish do too! Does it have an "official" name? Would you be kind enough to post the tying instructions so I can tie a few in various colors and sizes?



FrenchCreek 04-08-2003 07:54 PM

It is a variation of the Bow River Bugger, a local fly that combines the Wooly bugger body & hackle with a Tail & spun deer head added. This is my "contrarian" fly. Some days when nothing seems to work, most folks will go to a streamer down deep. I often put this one on a dry line and search real close to the bank. Whammo!
Hook: size 6 to 10, 3x long
Thread: 6/0 white
Tail: Marabou plume with 4 strands of flash, pearl color
Body: White chenille, side bar of wide flash on each side, white hackle reverse palmered
Collar: Natural deer hair
Head: Spun deer hair, white (Should be about 2 pencils big)

I prefer cotton chenille for this fly rather than synthetic, this helps the profile of the fly in the river, looks like it wants to sink but a twitchy retrieve makes a lot of action.

P.S try it also in hot pink, Cutthroats go nuts for the pink one....

SDHflyfisher 12-06-2003 12:52 PM

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here is my fly

flytyer 12-06-2003 09:23 PM


There are hundreds of tyers who tie and have tied various colors of flies just like this for 40 or more years. Tied in pink or fuschia, it is very commonly used for Pink Salmon here on the west coast.


Tied in hot pink it is also very effective for silvers. Sort of a Wog that is not quite dry; but not really wet either. Flies of this type have been very common in Montana for quite a while, they are usually referred to as "deer head buggers" (I had even heard of the style called a "muddler bugger". I like the Calgary area name better, it rolls off the tongue better.

SDHflyfisher 12-07-2003 07:59 AM

didn't know that being in the midwest you don't always hear of the flies that are used in other reagions

Quentin 12-07-2003 08:30 AM


Even though you weren't the first to invent the pattern, you still "invented" it for yourself. Now you know for sure that it's a good pattern -- shows you're on the right track!

Keep 'em coming :D !


MCorder 12-07-2003 10:00 AM

Don't worry about it...
Don't worry about copying another pattern, it happens to me all the time. Your right about the regional difference when it comes to fly's. Look at the needle fish patterns from Alaska compared to the sand eel patterns from the east coast. There the same fly but have different names.
The Damsel fly I tied, which I thought was origional, turned out to be a pattern that's been used for 20 years. If you took the time to research every fly you tie by every possible discription you wouldn't have much time at the vice.
I know we need to give credit where credit is due, but if you think about it every time we tie hackle and dubbing around a hook were just creating varaitions of the origional dry or nymph.
Just my 2 centts....

Great fly

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