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Roop 02-09-2000 03:12 PM

I have a free Sunday in a couple of weeks south of LA.

There has to be someone with some fly roddin' experience out there....

Salt? Fresh? Anything??


juro 02-09-2000 05:47 PM

This looks like a winner...

<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">LA boating rec</a><!--url-->

I spent 15 months in a brown LA haze (Hughes). I only fished for materials at Marriotts store (highly recommended). Bait all over the Marina Del Rey area, there's gotta be somthing chomping it on the ebb at the outlet. If not grab a margarita and a killer fish taco at the Baha Cantina.

I've got some friends down there I will email.

talk soon,

steve moore 02-10-2000 08:56 AM

Roop: I've been going to the LA area (Irvine) for business recently and have checked it out a little. It makes me feel lucky to live in New England, even if we can only fish (comfortably) 7 months out of the year. They get very excited about catching 12-14 inch surfperch and croakers (or something else rather bait-like). To me it seems the shorebound angler's choices are very limited and not much to get too excited about.

One place to try is the mouth of the Santa Ana River which flows through Newport Beach and which you can see as you head down the Pacific Coast Highway out of LA. I stopped there last time I was there (early January) and spoke with a guy who was gearing up to hit the suds with a fly rod. He said he sometimes takes some nice halibut from the surf there and mentioned he has caught a few in the 20lb range. He seemed to indicate these were the exception rather than the norm, however. He also mentioned that last year some guys were catching striped bass off the mouth of the river but they chalked that up to the strange weather of last winter and he hadn't heard any reports of them being around this year. The mouth of the Santa Ana River looks very fishy and if it were here in New England would be a gold mine. If you want to fish it, bring waders and a class IV or V full sinking line with 1/0 clousers (various colors). The guys I spoke with had his rig set up with a second, smaller clouser (this one was had rootbeer grizzly tied into it) trailing his first and said the big halibut often hit the second one. He explained the best time to fish there was the last two hours of the outgoing tide through the first two hours of the incoming. Like here in the northeast, he said it pays to scope the place out at dead low and look for the toughs and bars and then work those areas as the tide comes up.

Good Luck!

bigcat988 02-11-2000 09:10 AM

Roop I was out in LA 7 years ago and I found Redondo Beach it is in Torrance. The guys there were catching bonito from float tubes useing flys with bubbles. It was a sight to see a guy catch a fish and a giant Golden Seal bite it in half. I was tossing flys and people were looking at me like Iwas out of my mind. I only had a few hours to kill but it
did not matter I got to toss a fly in the Pacific.
The beaches out there are very diffrent from out here you just can't drive up and park you have to hunt for access.

juro 02-12-2000 11:45 PM

Roop -

Here's a response I got from Robin Roberts of <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">CalFlyTech</a><!--url-->...

<font color="007e7e"><font size="2">Juro:
Most saltwater flyfishermen in the LA area fish just about
anywhere along the coast. I would recommend that you
contact Frank Selby at His & Hers Flyshop in Costa Mesa
regarding the best places to fish (which vary considerably
with local conditions at the time) or to book a saltwater
guide. Check their website at <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> his and hers flyfishing</a><!--url-->

Freshwater fishing is found in the Big Bear Area of the
San Bernardino National Forest, specifically the wild trout
streams of Deep Creek and Bear Creeks. Deep Creek can be
reached by stopping by the Arrowhead Ranger Station on the
Rim-of-the-World Drive. Contact Dave Ayon, USFS at (909)
337-2444 for specific information.

Good luck.

Robin Roberts,
California Fly Technologies

Thanks Robin!

Roop 02-14-2000 02:55 PM

Thanks guys.

I was leafing through my Fly Rod & Reel archives and came upon a 1989 article about fly rodding the coast south of LA.

It was more of a "it can be done from shore but you should use a boat" kind of article.

Thanks Juro - I'll let you know if I hook up out their.


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