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Leland Miyawaki 04-04-2003 08:09 PM

Area 9 Reply from WDFW
I received this today. We should be pushing for C&R from the beaches yearlong with exceptions for hatchery harvest.


Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 17:07:14 -0800
From: "Pat Pattillo" <>

Subject: Area 9 Salmon fishing in 2003

Thank you all for the messages in support of Area 9 July fishing opportunity. Its quite amazing to hear so many voices of support for this fishery after more than one public meeting has been dominated by voices for closing that fishery in favor of a April chinook catch&keep fishery. I guess that show us at WDFW again the in spite of our attempts each year to notify the public that fishing seasons are being discussed and debated at our "North of Falcon" public meetings, we are really not hearing from all the diverse viewpoints of participants in our fisheries.

We are not finished with our meetings until next Friday, April 11. We have put up a "preferred" set of regulations for fisheries that includes the closure of Area 9 in July. We did consider the possiblity of some beach access fishing but since we have no data describing the impact of beach fishing alone, we have concluded that when a marine area is closed, shore-based fishing is also closed. We hope to gather information on the relative amount of effort associated with shore-based fishing during those times when fishing is opened (August, September).

I would appreciate you keeping in touch about this and other fish and fishing issues. We have attempted to reach out to more people who represent the diverse types of fishing that include catch & release as well as keep fisheries. It really helps to have you participate in our public meetings. Usually people who participate in this process don't get everything they want in fisheries, but if you don't participate, its far more likely that your point of view will not be represented. This year could be a wake-up call for you to attend future discussions.

Thanks for your providing me with your opinion.

Pat Pattillo
Salmon Policy Coordinator
Intergovernmental Resource Management
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

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