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fishheadfred 04-03-2003 11:15 PM

South of the Mason/Dixon....Center of Heaven
my word, my word, i feel so alone here on the forum. Sure, you yankees are nice guys, but where are all of my Southern brethren? Surely i am not the only gentleman of the South who enjoys standing in a crique waving a stick? You Northern fellas like to talk about trout, steel heads, and surf fishing....well, that's nice, and i sure do enjoy the discussions, but sometimes you just need to talk with someone about bluegills, NASCAR, and this year's tobacco yeild. Sure, i like to fly for trout, hell, love to fly for the brookies of my mountain streams, but fellas, what about the pumpkin seeds, the green sunfishies, and the bowfin? Ever hooked into a 10lb channel cat with a Murray's strymph or a craw-fly? Sure, he ain't as purty as no trout, but fry that sucker up with some onions and beans and get back!!! I even cought a cotton mouth once (he got to keep the fly)...Where are all of my VA boys....The russell Fork crew?...the McClure river Rats? Bubba's a-callin home, boys!! Wher you-uns be at?:smokin:

fishheadfred 04-03-2003 11:37 PM

lonesome me
so alone, so alone.........:(

Adrian 04-04-2003 12:46 AM

Fred, careful what you wish for now - any more of the cold wet stuff up here and you could have yourself a Yankee invasion on your hands :hehe:

Anyway, I can't complain really. I've got to take the wife to Kauai on Saturday for a whole week and she's insisting that I go fishing at least three times - one time on a blue water charter too. Now how do you spell Marlin bait?

I'm sure gonna miss that chocolate brown flood water :devil:

John Desjardins 04-04-2003 09:00 AM

Fred, as a northerner I feel compelled to reply.

Bluegills we need a month or so to let the waters warm up before we discuss them.

Nascar, All the talk of drafting, blocking manuvers, passing in heavy traffic its just like driving the freeways up here. For real racing go to a dirt track when the sprint cars are there. :devil: :devil:

Tobaco yeild, I can't talk about that. The last crop around where I grew up in Connecticut was ~ 14,000 square feet of office space/acre of field. Strange to go back and see buildings where it was always a sea of shade grown tobaco.

Catfish, taste great as long as you don't get the cajun version the fishmarkets try to sell us northerners. You southerners have it right with how you cook them.

flyfisha1 04-04-2003 12:02 PM

Fred, I'm in Northern GA, just above Atlanta; going to be hitting one of the local rivers this weekend to see what's active. Some of the possibilities include rainbows, largemouth, stripers, and various panfish, including pumpkinseeds (my favorite of this family), bluegill, and orange-spotted sunnies. I'll likely begin the day searching with a flying ant.

Adrian - Puuuuhleeeeease do not speak about bluewater fishing right now. I may not get back down to Florida to "chase the locals" for another few months, and am trying to block it out of my mind. Can't wait to move down in December!

fishheadfred 04-04-2003 02:55 PM

Atry? that river don't go nowheres near Aitry!
good luck to ya. local streams here have been productive but the big smallies are still a little slow....catching most of slow retreive streamers in the sun warmed shallow...trout are in a frenzy in some of the mountain streams back home.....have already seen a somewhat large mayfly hatch back a couple of weeks ago...blew my mind......seeing a lot of midges.....alot of crawdads too. let me know how ya fared!

Dble Haul 04-04-2003 07:10 PM

All right now, enough of this "northerners only fish for trout" stuff...

Bluegills- I've got them right down the street from me, and could probably chase them this weekend if I'm not too jet-lagged. Flycasting in a semi-catatonic state could leave to involuntary ear piercings.

NASCAR- Ditto what John has said. :)

Tobacco- I'll leave that to others......I don't deal with it, and in return I hope to enjoy many more years of fishing. ;)

Thank you, and good night. :p

flyfisha1 04-04-2003 07:29 PM

The river in question is the Etowah, not the Chattahoochie (what a stupid name) which, while it holds a resident population of browns, rainbows, and brookies waaaaaaay farther north than the Atlanta sector, also harbors a lot of crap that comes out of the Atlanta storm sewers. I've never had the desire to fish it, as I'm not certain that my waders can withstand chemicals of that nature. :p
The Etowah flows out of a local lake that's got a healthy population of stripers. I'm going to try and get up to Hiawassee this Summer to fish one of the lakes for hybrids, which I'm told are very capable fighters on the long rod... but then, if you fish a light enough outfit, what isn't...

Just clarifying, in case Fred thought I'd step foot into that "lovely" river flowing through downtown Atlanta! No way!

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